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Happy Belated Birthday, Amy!

Name- Amy Miller

Story- V9

Birthday- 5/20/90

Age: 24 then, 30 now

Height- 5'5

Job- Secretary at the South Side Garage, Racer

Initially the oddball of the crew, as she's the only one without any connection to any of them initially (Max, the other outsider, featured in Chris' entry, is the leaders second cousin on his mom's side), Amy initially wasn't into racing or cars, more a Hippie from North California.

She grew up with her older sister and her mother, though her mother was essentially the village bicycle and never really around for the most part, thus her sister Rachel watched over her, so there's no love lost when she winds up stealing her mom's car when she left her sleepy hippie town for Hendricks Colorado.

So why's the Hippie Secretary driving the Ninja's custom built Cobalt SS pushing over 600whp designed to go after the FWD crew? Simple; as her sign indicates, she's a raging bull behind the real, all her pent up anger and issues coming out and while initially reckless behind the wheel, gets fine tuned to be a hell of a racer!

Cobalt SS is an '10, though as stated before, it's custom built with over 600whp, though with the internals and reinforced block, it can easily handle much more, only real limit being the wheels and current gearing.

Why did she move to Hendricks? You'll have to see, though it's personal, and she worked hard to ensure she made the trip, giving up some "necessities" (Weed) to save up for a cushion in case her job didn't work out, also learning to invest a little in the market, basically making the most of summer 'til the end of the year to be more than ready for her move.

If you want to see more of her, there's the short comic:, basically a random 2 minute sneak peak of the series, and if you want, while I planned on releasing the story via comics, I can revise the initial story and release the 1st 10 chapters via E-book.

Thanks for taking a look and have a great day!

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