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Happy (belated) Birthday, John (Perry)!

Name- John Perry

Story- MVPD

Birthday- 10/31/86

Age: 24 then, 34 now

Height- 5'9

Job- Detective

So while there's the original OC's I've had as a kid that were added to my stories once I started writing, John here was the OC who was the catalyst for me writing, and I remember what was the route cause specifically, which I'll get into in a minute. Also, considering I have countless John's in my stories, have to specify which one, hence the title.

Years ago, 12 to be exact, I went to see Eagle Eye with some old friends, and afterwards, we spent the next few hours brainstorming ideas... fun times. One friend wanted to do a 50s style sitcom, while I wanted a hot action cop who'd shoot first and ask questions later, which was the basis for John.

Later, I came up with a Zombie spoof, which you'll see below:

Yes, he was bitten, how he survives you'll have to read, and yes, he's one handing a Deagle, 'cause rule of cool, fool!

As for John himself, he's the original of what I dub the "Bastard Protagonist", in which he's a good guy, but he's not exactly nice.

John himself is blunt, sarcastic, reckless, fearless, and will trade jabs with people, although deep down, he's a decent guy. Still, he doesn't back down from a challenge, isn't afraid to sacrifice himself and will goad and taunt opponents, sometimes to their own detriment.

Despite his cocky and arrogant persona, he's very astute, and will pick up on things, never leading on.

Aside from that, he's got a hell of a life, in the fact that his parents were and still are swingers, he's got a sever case of sibling rivalry with his sister (whose an Aquarius, so fixed sign vs fixed sign), he's got a daughter from his best friends mother (Long story short: Got drunk on his 17th birthday, and she took advantage of him) and his best friend/roommate/Not so Silent Bob was his former drug dealer.

All that, and I forgot to mention that early on, he couldn't drive stick. Yeah, all that leads to a dynamic character. Also not at all pictured is that he's a smoker, and being a cowboy cop, he blatantly disregards the rules constantly, whether speeding all the time and breaking countless traffic laws or just smoking where he shouldn't.

If his age thing has you concerned, remember that unlike the other series, MVPD is an over the top series, in a Saints Row kind of way.

How he joined the force was another story, but he's quite an established character in his short time, and as you can see in Casual Friday, is the chief's "favorite" officer

(That's the chief's daughter btw)

On a side note, he's a metalhead, starting with Black Sabbath as you can see and he rocks a goatee. He's also a fan of JDM's, and while this is a stock image, for those who aren't familiar, this is what he drives:

Sure there's more to say, but at this point, better to leave you wanting to read it. Thanks for taking a look and happy birthday John!

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