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Happy belated birthday, Major Richards

Name- Sherman Richards

Story- Sage

Birthday- 4/23

Age: Late 40s

Height- 6'4

Job- Army Major

Since Sage takes places during a Renaissance like period, still a bit old skool with tech, hence the Major here being decked out while dual wielding swords made from Dragon Bones, the exact dragon that basically made his career.

He's not a great tactician, steals others ideas and takes credit for them, is a raging bull and prone to resort to violence, yet is loyal to a fault, and will go to the depths of hell to get whoever he's after.

People assume that he's was made Major due to being an ass kisser to Lord Kris, though that's partially the whole reason, the truth was that a Dragon managed to swallow said Lord whole and with his bare hands, ripped it's arm out of it's socket before using its nail to stab it right in the brain! He then ripped through it's flesh with his bare hands to rescue the lord, who was forever grateful.

After the events of Chapter 1, he's the highest ranking official in the reach of Yaggenoff, hence him leading the hunt for Leon, though most soldiers know better to pretend they didn't see him than to try and apprehend him.

Despite being a loud mouthed, boorish, impulsive figure whose poor judgement can get the better of him, he's NOT to be underestimated, as he's truly a monster on the field, which the cast finds out when during their inevitable showdown, and while I won't reveal how the battle ends, it was essentially one sided, despite the groups potential.

Hope you enjoyed this brief entry, more to definitely come, have a great night and thanks for taking a look!

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