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Happy Birthday, Alice!

Name- Allison "Alice" Allens

Story- Vice 9

Birthday- 9/30/93

Age: 20 then, 27 now

Height- 5'4

Job- Street Racer, Mechanic, Painter, Artist

Because I don't have enough Artistic souls here, right?

As all crews seem to have some mechanic on the team, we have Alice here, who grew up around her dad, uncle and brother as they were working on Subaru's since she was old enough to crawl. The beauty of Jericho back in the days being a sleepy small town, so there were places to offroad and Rally, which was exactly what the family did!

Even though she gravitated towards being a mechanic due to her families influence, she's really more of an artist at heart, and though you can't see the rear of the car or the interior, you can tell just from what you see just a bit of her passion, as well as the tattoos and the hair (She's a natural auburn)

Alice by default, when not working or with friends, will be at the towns indie movie theater, at art galleries either in the city, or the recently built one, or back home sculpting, painting and crafting, just letting her creativity flow through. She also doesn't have a TV in her room, instead having a bookshelf full of drawing and craft guides, manga, comics and some classic literature.

Also speaking of friends, she values them, and is very protective, though can also be a bit nutty and a little bipolar (Manic Depressive as she prefers to call it), making her that interesting friend in the group. She also will never live down the nights they were all drunk and admitting to having crushes on them, though now she just teases them about it.

Yeah, she's bi, but she doesn't make a big deal about it, more laissez-faire about her sexuality as she's not all that interested in relationships, dating and fooling around.

Her car is a '13 BRZ, custom ordered BBS LM rims to fit, and running a turbo with a reinforced block to push around 400whp, along with a vented cf hood and custom front body kit.

As expected, she did most of the work herself, her father and brother helping speed up the process, though she did apply a better paintjob, as well as the graphics (paint, not wrap) and powder coated the rims to boot.

Despite being more of an artistic soul, having grown up with tuners who wrench for a living and rally, she knows how to handle a car, and even before her BRZ was an '09 WRX Hatchback she would rally, so while it took her a little time to adjust to the lighter weight and rwd, she eventually got the hang of it, and the cars lighter weight with that power make her formidable against opponents who aren't prepared.

All and all an interesting character. Thanks for taking a look, and Happy Birthday, Alice!

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