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Happy Birthday, Chris!

Name- Chris Dynes

Story- V9

Birthday- 4/30/88

Age: 26 then, 32 now

Height- 6'3

Job- Head mechanic of major garage

In most groups of friends, there's the idealist whose always looking at the bright side and then there's his down to earth friend who grounds him by reminding him of things, which would be Chris.

Originally from the Miami area along with the rest of the crew, he moved to Miners CO back around '08/09 when the group originally split, as his family figured why not move somewhere different, working with his uncle to work on cars.

The Rangers theme on the Evo might seem weird for someone who never lived there, but it's sentimental for reasons explained in the story, basically a fond childhood memory. He's a major sports fanatic, and when it's not cars, it's sports, although he's also good at listening to people's problems and helping them out

Can't seem to find my the original file, so I forget what rims those were on the IX there, though it's not a MR, so it's got a 5spd. Heavily modded, and as per his nature, block is way more reinforced than it needs to be.

As you can tell, he's a Mitsubishi guy, although the Eclipse there isn't for him, you'll see when the time comes, and the guy next to him is an old friend back in the Florida days, who although is part of a rival crew (South Side Ninja's), they get along quite well when building cars.

Sal's Underboss, and right hand man, though as stated above they tend to clash a bit over ideas (Sal the Idealist), they're bro's through and though since they were kids.

Also should mention that while he has the means to move out on his own, he lives with his Uncle, his younger brother and kid sister (Whose 14), essentially helping Uncle Tom out.

Obviously there's more to say, but think I've said enough to whet your appetite, so thanks for taking a look, and happy birthday Chris!

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