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Happy Birthday, Danny boy

Name- Danny Rogers

Story- Vice 9

Birthday- 4/1/1991

Age: 29

Height- 5'7 (Taller if you count the hair)

Job- Mechanic, Drummer, Street Racer

Figured that while I'm still up, I'd get to his entry.

You know the guy who can never take things seriously, whose jovial, immature, fun and just silly, with no real ambitions in life and is fine with it? If not, here's Danny. His parents call him the worst prank they ever received, and he's fine with it, even going as far to consider life a joke and to be a clown, hardly passing up an opportunity to be comedic.

He joined the Ninja's way before they really ever considered moving to Colorado, although whereas most of the crew met as little kids, he really joined around High School, though he's a core member of the team.

Should clarify, he does love music, and will drum on everything, and as you'd probably expect, can be surprisingly insightful about things and has moments where he can stop being silly and just be a good friend.

Like Lily, he wasn't initially into cars, though between hanging around the crew and needing something to put his drum set in, became a Mazda fanboy in a GM Oriented crew.

Had an 1st gen MazdaSpeed3 (MS3) that he attempted to mod himself as he does have a bit of a DIY nature, but that ended horribly, and before he could fix it, it got smushed as some distracted soccer mom in a Benz backed into it fast while it was parked against a brick wall, hence why he has a 2nd gen.

Fully built top and bottom end, full bolt on's and internals and a big enough turbo that still allows him to daily it, as he doesn't mind how rough and loud it is.

He's kind of like Lily, except he's a lovable sex maniac whereas she's happily taken, and he's a musician whereas she aspires to be a DJ.

That's enough for now. Again, thanks for taking a look and happy birthday, Danny!

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