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Happy Birthday, Michelle Ceres

First of all, do want to give a shout out to my Artist, Pipin Tobing, for all the years of his wonderful, hard work with helping me bring these characters to life and whatnot! I'll do a dedicated entry to him soon, and on a side note, I'll also get to the Audi as well, though now onto the main event.

First, let's get the stats out of the way:

Name- Michelle Ceres

Story- Rogues Gambit

Birthday- 3/29/895 (Turns 19 later on in the story)

Height- 5'6

Job- Professional Motorcycle Racer

Hailing from the city of Vermillion (N'Orlins meets Vegas, especially as it's a port city in the desert), and born during the Technological Explosion (End of Sage where the world goes from the Renaissance right to the 50s/60s), Michelle never knew what life was like prior, and had no interest.

Her father was among the first people to start building motorcycles, and her 3 older brothers all had bikes of their own, teaching her at an early age how to ride, which shaped her future greatly, especially when she'd sneak out during the middle of the night with one of their bikes and race through the streets.

Of course, it's not just riding that she loves, but the adrenaline rush from pushing her limits, and thus, has to keep moving and can't sit still, hence why she would skip out on school and would also get in trouble as a child/teen with her antics, although it also caught the attention of the cities motorcycle team, and thus, for the last few years, she's doing what she loves best.

As you can gather, she's a daredevil, an adrenaline junkie, a speed devil (actual nickname) and she has no fear, all of which plays into her style as a racer, as she's not afraid to muscle her way though and get dangerous, hence being world famous and among the best.

Outside of racing, she's actually very personable and friendly with her fans, and her fearlessness comes into play as she's willing to dive into new things. Also just happy go lucky overall and has an overall sunny disposition, although that doesn't mean she's a pushover, and can be a bit forceful at times too.

As of now, she hasn't been formally introduced into the story, although she has made cameos whenever Alex channel surfs and watches her race. Also, you'll have to figure it out yourself, but there's a pun with her #

Also, might be hard to see, but her eyes are bluish-gray, also plays into her colors, although personally, she prefers Red.

That's it for now, think I've covered enough about her. So yeah, happy birthday Michy!

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