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Happy Birthday, Rina!

Name- Rina "Marigold"

Story- Rogues Gambit

Birthday- 5/28

Age: 16, 18 when reintroduced

Height- 5'4

Job- Formerly a runaway, later an entertainer in Vermillion

I meant to post this yesterday, but my PC was having issues with the file, hence the late entry.

As she's introduced early on in a flashback (Chapter 14, pg2), I'll leave some key details out, but she's from Isla de los Horizontes, growing bored of her life there and winding up halfway across the world in an Atheecian (Greek) costal city that largely resisted most of the technological explosion.

Alex ran into her as she was about to pickpocket "an unsuspecting tourist", who really was a cop assigned to capture said pickpocket, and instead grabbed her and put his arm over his shoulder to divert attention, while also showing her how it's done by reaching for the cops wallet himself.

Over the next several weeks, he taught her the ways of the Rogue, from basic lockpicking, casing a joint, pick pocketing, how to play and cheat with cards, spotting a mark, blending in, money skills, etc..

Combine that with her natural charm, grace, witty nature and bit of street smarts and by the time Alex left town, she was more than able to take care of herself. Like him, she wound up traveling the continent a bit, though it wasn't long before a big shot casino owner from Vermillion (Vegas meets N'Orlins) discovered her and recruited her to be part of an act at his place. From there, doors opened and she became an icon in the city, basically a Star!

Of course, the time will come when the life she ran away from will come back to haunt her, and then it's a matter of how will she handle it?

There's a lot more about her that's unsaid, but you'll just have to read the story yourself and see what it is. For now, enjoy and happy birthday, Rina

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