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Happy Birthday, Zanzie!

Name- Zanzie "Zanz" Agostino

Story- Vice 9

Birthday- 7/22/90

Age: 24 then, 30 now

Height- 5'5

Job- TV Personality, "Mayor" of Jericho, Crew Leader

Wherever you live, there's always the person whose essentially the face of the town, who brings life to it and is basically the Mayor, even if they're not the elected official.

Meet Zanzie, who even before Jericho became the next up and coming city in Colorado, was always the Mayor and the person everyone knew and loved, which lent itself to her becoming a popular TV host for the local news network, and beloved by all.

Leo on the cusp of Cancer, she's a magnetic personality and her bubbly and lively disposition garnered her tons of fame and admiration, although unlike most celebrities, she's the same person off camera as she is on; what you see if what you get

Despite not initially being a racer, she always loved Z's, and jumped at the opportunity to own one by the time she made it, getting this 370z , although it was originally Black Cherry.

You'd think it's wrapped, but no, it's painted Purple as shown, the rims and body kit were added "recently" as Street racing became legal in Samuel county, and her Forgestar F14's were also repaired and powder coated, while a twin turbo kit was installed to make sure she'd be competitive, as she was the Leader of the Speed Angels, an all female crew in Jericho.

Before I finish with the Z, let's explore the town itself. Jericho was originally a small lake town where everyone knows each other and it's either the perfect place to live or the most boring place in the world, key word though being "was"

NOW, while it's not yet complete (As of the story), as mentioned above, it's THE NEXT big city in the state, becoming an alternative to Denver for tourist to travel too, and while she didn't intend to become the face of Jericho, Zanzie's personality and nature just made it happen.

  • Side note: I'm hoping that sometime next year, I can have a poster of Jericho and the Speed Angels completed, and available for sale.

Now as stated, the car wasn't originally designed to race, though it was quickly completed by her friends at Allen's Speed Worx, which is a Subaru Shop, though considering she's been friends with the owners daughter since kindergarten, they made the exception, with her friend personally applying the decals, painting the roll cage, powder coating the rims and dying the seats, and her brother working on the head lights, as well as teaching her and the other 4 Angels how to race.

What she lacks in experience she makes up with in overall raw talent, and despite being a sweet heart, she's a formidable racer to the general population, though not all who race are new at it. ALSO, unlike most of the characters in the story, she was born and raised in Colorado, and a native, whereas most moved there from other places (FL, IL, NY, etc.)

Anyway, Happy belated birthday Zanzie, and two more birthdays to come, plus another entry as well!

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