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Just some random thoughts

So how's everyone doing tonight?

So with all the Profits of Doom talking about this Kung Flu, figure I'd switch gears and instead just bring up other stuff, more what comes to mind.

I can't be the only one looking forward to the lazy summer days, where you can just sit around outside in the heat, just chill and vegging on a nice afternoon with nothing to do. Obviously people are going to be oot and aboot once this is all over, but still be nice to be past the 50's and go right into the mid to high 60's already and low 70s.

Looks like the next chance for that is May 1st, unless ya count the 30th, though it'll be raining then.

Next thing is something I have to ask you, have you ever owned a convertible? I had 3 thus far, loved them all, and while statically Coupes are better and more rigid/agile, there's just something about dropping the top that makes it all better, and this is coming from the guy who never uses a sun/moon roof and only opens the windows when I have to.

Question though is what type to get; the dedicated Roadster, the sports/muscle car drop top or the offroader? I'm curious what you prefer and why, as I want things to be interactive here.

Writers block is back. A month ago up until a week ago or so, I banged out 6 chapters, 1 of them being the spinoff, and for this years goals, I managed to cross off "Complete up to 10 chapters of the 3rd saga", though at this rate, why not press ahead?

Doesn't mean I gave up, plan on getting to it tomorrow one way or another, and ignoring all distractions as I attempt to get through the next chapter, just figured I'd bring it up, to let you into my world a bit.

Now a question for you, is there anything you feel is missing from modern shows/books/entertainment? Something over and under done? I'd love to hear what you have to say, so feel free to share your thoughts, I'm listening and would love to curtail the current trends a bit.

Think that's it for now, birthday tomorrow, you'll see who it is when I get to it, though sadly it'll be light when it comes to Taurus' for now. Thanks for taking a look and have a great day now!

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