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The weekend update

So first of all, sorry I haven't been updating in the past few days, been busy with work, writing, working on character designs and profiles and whatnot.

That said, I plan on showing some of the fruits of my labor and getting more into it, plus while it's 2 days overdue, have a birthday to celebrate!

Should of worked on the angle, but it's more than good enough.

Right here is 4 years worth of work, all 292 pages and 45 chapters in all their glory, double printed of course.

Should also add, I miscounted previously, so as of today, it's 292 pages as of the 9th chapter of the 3rd saga, which when the time comes, I'll get into more details.

For now, just going to keep writing, find an editor and go from there.

Also, while I haven't exactly outlined it, I started the first chapter of the spin-off saga for Rogues Gambit, 10 pages in all, so at 5.0l (302 ci) in terms of overall pages written. Commissioned the cover for issue #00, which maybe I'll preview if you're interested.

I figured for the Audi, as I'm getting a few things fixed up on it, going to hold off until it's taken care of, then I'm going to post it with pics taken that day as well, and give quite a review on it as well. Drive him earlier, he's doing great thus far, and again, if anyone's interested in a '07 A4, let me know

Now onto today's birthday girl:

Name- Reagan Drebin

Story- MVPD

Birthday- 4/3/1982

Age: Then: 28, Now: 38

Height- 5'4

Job- Cop

MVPD was the first of the series, written ages ago, and Reagan here was one of the core members.

Originally from Pittsburgh (PA), though she's been in Jersey for almost 20 years now, she's definitely a unique character.

She's the poster child for Adult ADHD, and is very hyperactive, especially as she doesn't take anything to manage it.

She's often paired with Roger Grant to keep her in line, as she is impulsive and has a tendency to resort to violence, although fortunately that only occurs when pushed, hence why she's usually a traffic cop, as speeding alleviates the aggression, even if she's more likely to cruise and act reckless.

No points for guessing her favorite colors, does have piercings and as of now, is happily married to Roger.

Of the crew, she's John's rival, especially when it comes to cars, as she has a Hawkeye STI vs his Evo X, though the end of the day, they're all friends.

It's been awhile since I really wrote MVPD, maybe after I'm done with a few more chapters of the 3rd saga, I'll turn around and revise it.

Even though I'm a writer, not an editor, my writing skills have sharply improved since I first started, and if you saw how bad I used to be...

Yeah, some good old self deprecation.

Anyway, that's it for now, thanks for taking a look, have a great day, and Happy belated birthday, Reagan!

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