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Where have I been?

With the Kung Flu dying off like Grandma in a NY Nursing home, life's been getting busy once again, and thus, I've been running around everywhere like a headless chicken, though it's not all bad and I do have plenty to say!

With Mercury Retrograde upon us, I've decided to shift from writing new chapters to trying to blog more often, plus finish up a few chapters I've started in the past but never got around to finishing.

(Also, a cheatsheet to the Do's and Don'ts)

Still owe you a review on Don the Audi, I'm going to clean him soon enough as I want fresh clean pics, but he's good, he's in the garage when he's not used and so far, no complaints, while I have received the rest of my exhaust already for Remy:

(Catted Y-pipe Big box, Shorties little box)

Should hopefully have them installed soon, even if I won't gain power until after I do the tune on it

Before I get to the Belated birthday (I'll be better with them from this point on), I'll instead share a few of my favorite cars from a meet a few weeks ago. (As I couldn't upload them all)

(Automatic, but badass)

There's more, just figured I'd share these for now.

Now then, time for the belated Birthday

Name- Sal Neri

Story- Vice 9

Birthday- 6/16/89

Age: 25 Then, 31 Now

Height- 5'11

Job- Street Racer, Tycoon, used to be a Job Hopper

The OG himself, the Don of Vice 9, Sal Neri. Where to begin, there's so much to cover about him.

For him, at the start of the series, it was Friday the 13th in December of '13, and unfortunately for him, what was supposed to be a night at work went downhill:

I won't spoil the rest of the first chapter, just between then and now (Summer of '14), a lot has changed, especially his Audi, which went from a B6 S4 to a B6 RS4 essentially, with only the rear and a few other parts a reminder of what it used to be.

He's a charismatic politically incorrect bastard protagonist, and he's quick to adapt to situations, while also pushing the limits and willing to risk it all to speed things along, as he's a bit impatient.

His crews one of the few in the county without a definitive theme (South Side Ninja's ironically being the Chevy crew, Senior League being Old Folks in Muscle, Drift Starz being drifters, etc.), though he is an Audi guy, a family tradition starting with his father and his older brother, although the latter moved onto Porsche's. As with everyone else, he wasn't a Colorado native, initially born in Italy and moving to Brooklyn before down to Miami around 9, where even before they were street racing, he had his crew assembled.

Around 12, Sal and the gang were "borrowing" their parents cars to race, and later paid some hobo to buy cars and register it under his name once their parents cracked down on them.

Given that they've been racing and driving for over 13 years, they know how to handle themselves behind the wheel, although the cars they've used got more powerful and advanced over the years, although most of them are still what they've owned since they were teens, the B6 no exception.

His '05 S4 didn't have an initial aftermarket compared to Chris' Evo, so he had to improvise and also compensate for the power deficit by being resourceful both under the hood and behind the wheel, often taking short cuts, launching harder and braking later, which all accumulated to him being one of the best racers around, which lent itself to people asking him to race in their place.

As mentioned before, Don the S4 undergoes a MAJOR transformation between his initial introduction and his return, making those who remember it wonder what's left of the original, as it's pushing out more power than even thought possible.

Unfortunately, after the gang split up around '08-'09, though he wound up in Miners along with a few of the crew to hold on to some semblance of his old life, it wasn't the easiest time, and he essentially became a Job Hopper, although after the events of Ch1, things improved for the better.

There's more to him than car's and working on them, but you'll just have to read the story to find out more

For now, thanks for taking a look, and have a great day!

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