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50,000 Mile Review

Updated: Jun 18

Its been a long time coming, 50,000 miles! What an adventure!

Before I begin, let's provide the mod list, shall we:


Eibach Coilovers

Icon Upper Control Arms DJ Pro Kit

Massive Speed Panhard Bar

Massive Speed Rear UCA

Rockjock Rear Trac relocation bracket (Ordered)


Stock Badlands rims

Kenda Klever 35x10.5x17


Power Stop Drilled/Slotted x4 (Z23 Fronts/Z36s Rear)


Volant CAI (Dry)

Mishimoto Charge pipes

CP-E Intercooler

Ford Tune

Turbosmart Kompact Blow Off Valve

URP Catch Can

Stickerfab Fuse Box sticker


20% Ceramic Tint

Morimoto XRGB Headlights

Diode Dynamics: SS1 Pods (Bumper), SS3 Max/SS2 Pro (Fogs), SS3 Pro's (A-pillar), Hitch Mount w/Flasher

Oracle: Mirrors, Spare Tire Brake light

Lumen8 Trailsights

GearAmerica Shackles

Sickspeed Stem Valves

Bestop Trektop

Buckle Up Tail Light Armor


AutoStop Eliminator (Affectionately referred to as the A.S.S. Plug)

Boomba Shiftknob/Short Shifter

Stickfab: Visor, Radar USB Kit, Picatinny rail, Aluminum Knob sets

Lumen8 Cargo area LED

Buckleup: Cargo Door Molle replacement panel

Steeda clutch spring

Mabett Arm Rest Cover

Mabett Center Console Organizer Tray

Red Panacord handles x4

OEM Red Grab Handles

What's left? Oracle Rock Lights x12, some speaker upgrades, Rear Trac Relocation Bracket and either running boards or side steps (still deciding)

Reason for the upgrades besides just because is a common issue on the Badlands, where the factory Bilstein reservoirs fall off, as seen here:

So thoughts and impressions on the new suspension? Day and night difference; I wish I knew about the rockjock sooner, you feel the angled panhard bar

So can't toss her around like I used to and you feel she's a bit higher, but could be worse, still enjoyable.

50k Miles came and went, she's still going on like a champ. Easy to drive, makes the right noises, clutch anyone regardless of skill level could enjoy, and with the soft top, I get my farmers tan going.

Everyone who's driven her or in her loves her, my Jeep friends either want one or in the case of a friend of a friend, has made the switch. Being built on a Ranger platform makes her very easy going, and having the 2.3t Ecoboost means there are parts available as well as power. I don't think the mods work in conjunction with the Ford Performance Tune, but even then, think I make 340ish to the crank with everything mentioned.

What that all means is that unlike a compariable Wrangler, I got the power to pass up slow drivers and enough oomph not to really want more.

So glad she's back, its a long story, but didn't have her for a long while, and you realize just how much you miss something when its gone. I don't want to be away from her for awhile now, and even with the transformed ride, still love her.

Got plans to get away this summer, so expect clips of off-roading, and I entered a car show this weekend:

How I didn't win this year was beyond me as there were two Bronco's, mine and a nearly stock 4dr in Eruption Green, yet Mustang after Mustang won. Last year, 3 Broncos entered and won and only one was an actual Bronco, rest were sports

Oh well, entered at least and got to experience it.

Anything I don't like? Small fuel tank means I have to refuel more often than not, and the interior LED's are alright, but do expect those changed soon. Also hoping to get my shift knob off to change my boot, and I might change the trail sights as the top of the LEDs burnt out a little, get a switchback style.

Other than that, nothing to complain about, they say the Rockjock should address the handling, and soon, she'll be done!

Didn't really have a structure to this, just winging my review.

On an unrelated note, printed 226pgs, and working on some more. Beginning of summer is always busy between work, and all the upcoming birthdays, so slowed down with writing. Soon though, I'll get what I need to start publishing and putting out more books. For now, thanks for taking a look, and have a great day!

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