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6 & 1/2 weeks left...

Of this year, what are you gonna do?

Election's over, although I'm not gonna discuss it here, Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us as is Winter, many places are offering discounts and sales on everything and of course

Finished the 2nd saga of the Sequel, picking up where I left off on the 3rd Saga of Rogues Gambit, been toying with a new idea and last night, shifted my priorities on a few things, so expect me to be more active here and before the end of the year, to really start marketing.

Plan not to leave such a gap between entries anymore, expect tons more birthday entries to flood in as there are lots of Scorpio OC's, as well as an entry that should have been up last month but mysteriously got wiped, expect an update on Remy, and other stuff.

For now, just wanted to switch gears a bit with the entries, and if anyone has anything they'd like to share, feel free.

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