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And now, the latest!

So where to begin, since I'm back!

First of all, I sold Don recently, and while I'll miss him, know the new owner is gonna take great care of him, so I'm glad. Only problem is that until September, won't be able to row my own gears, though it's not like I'm gonna forget how to drive stick.

Main point besides that though is I'm back on Instagram, as you'll notice the icon on the top right, as well as the link here: This time, gonna be a bit more focused with things, and hopefully this time around, I'll get noticed by the right people.

Unlike the last entry, going to include a birthday here, no idea as of now who it'll be, and goal this year art wise is promo's, covers and pinups, so if you have any suggestions, let me know. Also updated IG slightly, asking for the feedback on there as well.

Name- Leon(?)/Giovanna "Gia" Irene Kennedy

Story- Sage

Birthday- 2/18 (Leon) - 3/21 (Gia)

Age- 28(?)/23

Height- 5'9/5'7

Job- Death Knight, The Knight of Amnesia, Sage, Lord Slayer (Leon)/Assassin, Heir of the Anonymous Assassins (Gia)

Had to bring them up eventually, and here we are, the Main main characters of Sage themselves, Leon and Gia!

And as you can tell, they've been through quite a lot.

Leon is a bit of a paradox in the sense he's quite a powerful Death Knight, yet is an easy going guy who leaps to the rescue when need be, and is once described as being more of a Paladin, although those who know better know why that's not the case in this story.

As stated, he can't remember who he is, even his own name, though it sticks for now and he winds up going on a journey to at first figure out who he really is, before being framed for Murder. Along the way, he winds up meeting Gia, who after a brief Skirmish, winds up being his first companion.

Though he doesn't remember his past, his instincts are impeccable and he is quite formidable, even despite wearing essentially cloth armor, and he has a variation of bullet time (Adrenaline Rush) which he triggers to get out of dodge when need be, as well as a few other tricks up his sleeve.

Besides that, he's also quite a skilled Scythe Wielder, and though he was more heavily reliant on his Adrenaline Rush, in due time, he learned to be a lot faster.

As stated, he's level headed and of the group, the voice of reason, since Hannah is the Heart of the group, Cyrus is the Leader and Gia tends to rush in and make quick work of things. He also has a bit of a Dark Guardian Angel watching over him and can foresee things that others can't at times, the source of it all being revealed at the end of the first book.

That's right, there's a sequel, and here's a sneak peak!

What's going on above? Who are his new companions? Who are they fighting, and why does he seem like a biker? All to be revealed in due time

Now onto Gia.

To paraphrase the old saying, she didn't choose the Assassins Life, it chose her. Having been a trained killer since she was a child, she has a casual view of death and murder to the point that news of killings don't faze her, and murders are essentially natural causes.

Though she has many relatives, she proved herself worthy, and though her grandfather isn't retiring anytime soon, she's essentially his successor, although lately their had been tension between the two, and thus, he ordered her to take a workcation. "You get to travel, see new sights, kill people, and just enjoy yourself. It'll be perfect!"

During said journey, she switches between her cold hearted assassin persona and her true self, thus you're unaware of which side you'll get of her, or in anime terms, she's a classic Tsundere ( One minute, she's a bit of a bitch and condescending, and the next, she's your best friend and quite friendly, and that's before she gets liquored up.

Being half Skrittish (English/Irish/Scottish), she loves her alcohol, and between being half elf, having a fast metabolism and other factors, she sobers up as quickly as she gets drunk, though then the harshness of her personality dissipates and she's a friendly drunk, even going as far as to give Veve a hug and kiss her on the cheeks (Ch11, The Rescue pt1).

Since she's an assassin, most opponents she faces are easy prey, hardly a challenge, and though there are few enemies that give her trouble, she has a few tricks up her sleeve to deal with them. She's the first of the cast to explain the world to our amnesic hero, although that role later got delegated to Cyrus, and overtime, she mellows out.

Along with Cyrus, she's a fire sign, and is right up there with Aggression, although there are moments she knows better than to get too blood thirsty, while as mentioned above, Leon and Hannah are more the mediators and level headed pair.

There's a lot more to say about them, but you're better off just buying the ebook ( and reading all about it yourself.

For now, got all the main characters from Sage written about, thus now you know all about everyone. For now, happy belated birthdays Leon and Gia, more birthdays to come, and thanks for taking a look!

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