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Brief review/Opinions: 2024 GMC Sierra AT4

To start with, I only had roughly 5 minutes of seat time and drove basically in a big square, so this isn't in depth. Still, I did form some opinions.

Originally, I was going to try out this Silverado Trailboss here

But that fell through as the dealership was busy on a Saturday Afternoon, so I at least got to admire it and take a pic.

Change of plans, I winged it and drove 20 mins to Sea Girt to T&T Coast Buick GMC ( where I find this beauty available:

Virtually an upscale Trailboss, also a Duramax diesel (3 liter I6 LZ0 making 305hp/495tq). Very nice looking truck, could put speakers in the fold down steps there, as well as lights.

Anyway, get inside, and take it for a spin, one thing to note is the range being a diesel, hear you could get mid to high 20s doing 75 on the highway, so that definitely is interesting

Now for the drive itself: Jouncy. You know I had Remy the Rebel, and even without the Tonneau Cover and Rear Sway Bar, he was fine to drive around with, those only made him better

This truck though, as much as I liked it, reminds me of when I test drove a '94 Camaro Z28, needed 3 things:




Except replace tires with tonneau cover. I wasn't even going fast, never did more than 40 around town, but when the road got twisty, you knew it, which probably had to do with the leaf springs in the rear. Shame, since as much as I'd work to remedy this, if we're looking for a Truck, probably be eliminated due to that.

As for the brakes, again, never touched them on Remy, and it was a tune away from utilizing all the power I had available with the parts added (Shorties, High Flow Cats, Catback, CAI, Throttle Body). This needed a bit more grabbing power as it wasn't like I was flying or coming in hot, it just was me driving the truck normally, especially with a diesel.

Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful truck, and if you go, make sure to tell Frank Viso I sentcha and that I said hi. If I did have it, besides tint and lettering on the side for work, I'd do the shocks, hellwig rear sway bar like I did with Remy, and a tonneau cover before turning my attention to the engine, since as you can see here:, there's quite a bit to do as well for more efficiency and power (for whatever reason, they don't list as much for '24s despite it saying it'll work here on the '22s)

Again, I came away liking this truck, and being who I am, I love a project. The flaws present opportunities to fine tune it and make it my own, and once you get past all those, then it's 100% solid.

Not sure whats next to test drive, I should give my thoughts on the '24 Ecoboost Convertible I drove in February soon (Website said they had a manual GT Coupe available, but later it was revealed to be in transit), but I'll save that for another entry.

On a side note, 3 chapters left for Sage Origins, wrote 150pgs so far this year, and still waiting to hear about from other literary agents, one wrote back having liked my work, but didn't feel he could help me, so off to a good start.

Thanks for taking a look now, and have a great day!

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