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Happy Birthday, Andy

Name- Andrew "Andy" Duntov

Story- Vice 9

Birthday- 8/16/90

Age: 23 then, 30 now

Height- 5'8

Job- Street Racer, Mechanic (Electronics, Audio, Interior, Rims), aspiring director

The Stoned Wigger himself, here's Jew Roth! (an outdated Nickname for the most Pimptastic member of the crew/)

The most laid back member of the crew, and one to always throw a party, Andy always keeps things interesting. Like the rest of the crew, he's an equal opportunity offender, though on the lesser extent compared to Sal and Derek, and of course, is just looking to have a good time.

Despite his parents wishes, he doesn't have it in him to become another Jewish Lawyer, and instead alternates between working at Chris' Garage where he does the aforementioned electronics and interior work, and his real dream, which is working on his personal project, the most terrifying zombie movie to date, hence his zombified S2000, more on that in a min.

As with the rest of the crew, he was from the Miami area, born and raised, though his family moving to Miner's was what initially tore things apart.

Another way to explain him is essentially Jessie from Breaking Bad,

Except he says N***a instead of Bitch (Don't worry, it's uncensored in the story), and is a stoner instead of a meth addict.

In the Original edit of V9, he was an only child and Izzy was his Cousin

Now they're siblings, him being the older one, though they still aren't exactly buddies (He finds her annoying, as until recently in the story, she wasn't a car fanatic, though you'll learn what changed and why despite being a JAP, has a 280z built for drifting, though here's a hint)

As for his driving, he's not as aggressive as Sal or Zack, though is firmly in the middle and can hold his own, as seen when he's racing in the Fox body above (Which while originally Toni's, became the unofficial crew car).

You'd think the S2K's wrapped, but no, it's painted, while the rim's are replica Brabus Monoblock R's that he had custom made, as he liked them at the time.

Despite looking like a show car, it does put out about 600 buff ponies, and while he's not always racing, he does hold his own, especially as he used to race back in Miami along with the rest of the crew.

Also, he owns a G35 Coupe as a backup car since the S2K is a bit too much to daily, that's more Full Bolt On (FBO), which looks like it belongs in DUB magazine. He also will never Sedan because of the part in the original RE2 where there was a Zombie in the back of the Police Car in the opening scene.

As you'll see, he's instrumental in ensuring that Samuel County allows Street Racing in the dead of night, and while it won't be shown in the 1st issue, you will seen none the less how it's executed.

For now, Happy Birthday Andy!

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