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Happy Birthday, Marc!

Name- Marcus "Marc" Lloyd

Story- Vice 9

Birthday- 11/27/1986

Age- 27 then, 34 now

Height- 6'2

Job- Mechanic, Street Racer

Easy going, good natured and happy go lucky, Marc is the nicest guy in the crew and like Chris, keeps them all grounded, although he's definitely more optimistic and approving of off the wall ideas. He's also the first person to give you the shirt off his back.

Besides that, since everyone's a bastard, he's used to getting his share of the brunt, although calling him Marcus set's him off, as it has to do with his past, and he has been known to punch holes into walls and dent tables over it.

Originally from Louisiana, he grew up not knowing his father and always being out of place where he was. He saw how the streets consumed some of his siblings, his cousins and friends and knew he had to get the hell out of there, selling some of his stuff and buying a bus ticket to Miami with just a suitcase, winging everything as he knew that no matter what, it had to be better than home.

Fortunately, he was always mechanically adept and got hired by Chris' Uncle after he tried out for a job after unsuccessfully looking for work for awhile, and from there, his luck continued, where he was able to rent a cheap studio and afford an old mechanics special Scirocco.

From working in the garage and helping out Chris, he was introduced to the crew, and quickly became a key member, even if he didn't partake in the bastardy as much.

Around '09, the crew split, and considering how valuable he was, Chris' Uncle offered him a raise if he moved with them to Miners, which he accepted.

As far as his car, it's a MkV R32, which he did most of the work to himself, although he should have left the ECU tuning to the professionals as it's the one area he's not adept at and since he doesn't push it often, it seemed fine.

Sports a turbo kit and although it wasn't dyno'd, it should put out around 400whp. He's fond of Purple and Yellow as you can see, and it took him a few attempts to get the paint right, although the end result speaks for itself. Also on (air)bags, hence the stanced height there, and it sports OEM Euro Recaros, which were dyed.

There's more to Marc, but you're just going to have to wait for the story. I'm certain the first issue should be out next year, no idea on the eta. For now, happy birthday Marc!

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