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Happy Birthday, Max

Name- Maximilian "Max" Saleon

Story- Vice 9

Birthday- 9/15/86

Age: 27 then, 34 now

Height- 6'2

Job- Street Racer, Mechanic, Fabricator, Gadgeteer Genius

Like Ashley, Max here is an original original character, and he's had another design ages ago, which I dub his teen look:

Max, despite his looks, is a heir to a big family, basically tycoons who essentially built cities, so he's a billionaire. Despite that, he figures he can truly do whatever he wants, so he's essentially doing what he loves; building, creating and working on cars, gadgets of all sorts and building things from scratch (I.e: He'll custom build his own superchargers and clutches rather than buying them, after studying how other's make their parts)

Despite his more humble and down to earth nature, his background as a rich kid will show itself in various ways, such as the car's he drives (Imports that haven't cleared the 25 year rules, concept cars that never made production, a large garage that houses tons of cars, etc.) and of course, being a technophile, he does have a few things at his place that clearly what you'd imagine.

That said, keeps it under wraps and considering Samuel County is a Street Racing Mecca where the Rule of Cool applies, he doesn't seem out of place in his CTS-V Coupe, having done the bodywork himself, with the other Ninja's assisting with Decal's and getting the rims.

Also, unfortunately as does get caught up with his projects, he can forget to eat and sleep at times, and by now is extremely used to it. He's also analytical and shy, though a solid friend who jumps at the chance to work on projects

While those of you who've read my previous entries already gleamed why, for the new people, I'll explain why the Cadillac when he has a garage full of cars you couldn't even begin to imagine; South Side Ninja's are a GM Crew, and thus, he felt he had to bring his A game.

Why not a ZR1? He didn't want to overshadow his cousin, Johni (2nd, mom's side), and while there's a Mosler MT900 in the wings waiting to be used for the grande finale of the story, for now, he just figures that with all he's done to the car, it's more than enough.

To shave weight, every panel is Carbon Fibe, and then painted Matte Gray to disguise it, then he removed the rear seats and installed a cage, while replacing the original infotainment system with one he custom designed.

He then scoured the forums for what people considered the best products, found the schematics and replicated them, but with the best parts $$$ can buy. The only reason he has the rims he has is because the crew got it for him, as a "Welcome to the Crew" gift, which he appreciates.

Having spent his teens racing in Miami, and having had private lessons at more schools than you can imagine, he's an Ace behind the wheel, though he the cool as a cucumber nature Johni has, though he's not to be trifled.

Only other thing to ad is due to his nature, he's essentially a general Consigliere (Advisor) between the crews, as for now, the Ninja's and 9 are in alliance in this automotive battle royale.

Anyway, another birthday to come soon, have 6 Libra's, and one's coming right up! For now, thanks for taking a look, and enjoy!

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