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Happy Birthday, Morgen Twins!

Going to do this one a bit different, as they're the first of a few twins, and wanna separate their entries. Also apologize for the late entry, but my day jobs picking up and life got busy, even with the retrograde.

Now without further ado, let's go into each character (Also, my birthday is the same as theirs, but don't wanna focus on me)

Name- Alexander "Alex" Damien Morgen

Story- Rogues Gambit

Birthday- 12/12/888

Age- 24

Height- 6'2

Job- Biker, Vagabond, Cold Case Detective, Necromancer, Rogue

The hero of the story, and a hell of a character, juggling many roles while keeping some under wraps.

Alex has been on the road for awhile now, traveling Empirup (Europe in that world) for the last 7 and half years, relying on his guile, intelligence, experience, his bike and luck, and keeping mostly out of trouble, although in a world without the internet, while word does spread, it takes a long time, and he's able to keep ahead of it.

Alex winds up in Kurcam, the Biker capital of Tirbania (Albania), which is the perfect place for him to lay low as he travels, looking to perfect "Perfect Resurrection" (Bringing back someone long dead without raising a zombie or needing regents or sacrifices), and also avenging the murdered, although the latter is what kicks things off.

Alex himself is interesting, as he's half Skrittish (English/Irish/Scottish, Irish really), and thus, loves Alcohol, and is also a playboy, always on the hunt, although he knows when to think with the right head. He also loves his bike, built it from scratch with his father when he was a young man and is meticulous about maintenance, while also abhorring the idea of public transpiration.

Being a barfly with an insanely high tolerance, he's also quite a gambler, and because his dad and all his "Uncles" (Crew members who were essentially family) were Rogues, Pirates and Outlaws, he knows how to pick locks, pockets, how to case a joint, break and enter without detection, pick off targets, target vitals and other essential life skills.

As far as Necromancy, his mother's side is a bloodline almost 500 years strong, and though he doesn't always rely on it, when he needs to, he can be quite devastating.

He also has a chronic heroes syndrome and has to save the day, although he's careful to maintain the Masquerade when need be, as Necromancy is generally frowned upon to put it lightly, and in Tirbania, it's basically punishable by death.

During his time in Kurcam, he saves lots of people, avenges quite a few, and eventually, it all comes to a head when the Slayers Of the Dark Arts (SODA) arrive in town, while one of the Mafia families there target him after they realize he's the one who took out a few of their men, starting a fight they shouldn't of started.

Why does he have Gray hair and a different bike above? How does everything end up with the Mafia, the SODA Jerks, and an Assassin said family hired after him? Will he ever escape Kurcam in one piece? Find out when the stories released!

Name- Alexandria "Lexi" Sylvia Morgen

Story- Rogues Gambit

Birthday- 12/12/888

Age- 24

Height- 5'8

Job- Bartender, Necromancer, Rogue

And now for Lexi, his better half as she'd say.

Whereas Alex fled home and went on a quest to learn Perfect Resurrection and also atone for what he done, Lexi remained home and grew up in the same little port town they were born in, eventually becoming the bartender at the local tavern.

Being a Sagittarius like her brother, she tried to go on her own adventures, leaving town to head to a big city, although that was short lived between a tumultuous breakup, and Grandma getting sick while Dad was out at sea with the fishing crew, having to head home to help mom out.

Her adventure finally starts when one day, while working the bar, a foreigner from Atheecia (Greece) came in, and noted the resemblance, then guessed where he should be. Given the circumstances, her boss gave her time off, she packed her bags and took trains and buses on her quest to not only reunite with her older brother, but also to bring him back home, as the family haven't heard or seen in ever since.

They get reunited and then are together for a few short days, before unfortunately going their separate ways once more, where she winds up staring in a spin-off series:

Lexi, like her brother, is a flirt, although unlike him, isn't promiscuous. While Adventurous, she hasn't had 7 and a half years of experience, and tends to jump the gun, which is also her weapons of choice compared to Alex's Daggers and Exorcism Sword.

Both twins are good people and generally nice to strangers, and together, they're tend to start twinning, aka pick up where the other left off and finish each other's sentence.

Now as Alex and Serena above, why is Lexi a Cowgirl, what's with the Jeep and Wild West there, who are the other 3 and the Doberman? Again, you'll just have to wait and see, although for now, just want to wish them both a Happy Belated birthday, more entries are coming and also thanks for taking a look!

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