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Happy Birthday, Roger!

Name- Roger Grant

Story- MVPD

Birthday- 7/22/75

Age: 35 then, 45 now

Height- 6'4

Job- Police Sergeant, now Police Chief

Every group has the stabilizing figure who tries to keep grounded, occasionally to no avail as the other members are too dynamic for them to keep under wraps, and thus, we have Roger here.

As with Zanzie, he's on the cusp of Cancer, so he's a bit more reserved and orderly than the typical Leo, and hardly egotistical, though there are moments where his sun sign shines.

A well respected member of the force who everyone looks up to and admires, with a heart of gold and loyal as a dog. He unfortunately didn't have much life outside of work, though in recent years that has changed, especially as he wound up being the chief when the original one retired a few years after the events of the story and named him his successor.

Aside from being a workaholic, he's also a body builder and always makes time to hit the gym, no matter what, as shown by his figure. He's also Reagan's husband, which proves the saying "Opposites Attract" as she's a woman child and he's the Adult, though he has his moments.

Like most of my characters, he's into cars, though he's more subtle about them, driving an older land rover and an E39 M5 he bought cheap and had fixed up, though he also rides a bike.

*With his little group of collages, despite the two being at odds from time to time, at the end of the day, John and him can bond over work, family and just life in general over drinks

*With Muki, their relationship is hardly vitriolic, as he's the (not) silent bob to John's Jay, and thus, the only issue is Muki smokes like a chimney, though it's not bad

*As mentioned above, he's Reagan's husband at this point and the father to their kids, a solid husband and the Yin to her Yang. Also as mentioned above, though he's the adult and the bad cop generally with the kids, he does have his moments, and does know how to cut back. Also, mentioned early on in the story, they met years prior to her joining the force, when he inadvertently saved her from herself

*Finally, with Suzy, John's sister, while there's still sass and sarcasm, it's less vitriolic, plus he joins in when the sibling rivalry comes to a head and she busts her brothers balls.

You think he's always been prim and proper, yet in his late teens he ran away from home (Jackson NJ), and moved to Cali for a few years, doing what he had to.

Without revealing too much, something happened during that time that changed him, and also made him move back home, make peace with his past (though not with his mom and step father) and become a cop, quickly climbing the ranks.

What happened? I actually haven't gotten that far yet, and I'd rather you read it once the stories available, though it's interesting.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and as always, feel free to comment. Happy Belated birthday Roger, and now for one last birthday before something different

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