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Happy Birthday, Suzy Q

Name- Suzanne "Suzy" Vivian Perry

Story- MVPD, Perfect Crime, Vice 9

Birthday- 2/14/89

Age- 21 then, 32 now

Height- 5'3

Job- Formerly College Student, Police Officer

Because the Morgen twins aren't the only siblings in my series, far from it.

Whereas John is a Reckless and Arrogant Bastard Protagonist who comes right out of the '00s with his cocksure attitude, Sue is more laid back and witty.

Both siblings growing up were at each other's throats to speak, there was intense sibling rivalry as John always got the Attention she wanted, and in her youth, tried things to get noticed despite being a shy girl, eventually becoming an independent free spirit who travel's everywhere, as seen here

Eventually, the two became good friends, although it took time and the bickering and teasing still remain to this day, although toned down.

As stated above, she's a laidback free spirit, although her fondness for tattoos, freckles and unique style make it hard for her to go undercover, though it doesn't mean she can't. One thing both siblings share are nerves of steel, though she has a better poker face than John, who's quite expressive, being half Italian.

She tends to be a jill of trades, and due to her nature, tends to raise through the ranks quickly, also making friends and gathering info quite easily.

Whereas John's a family man, she's a Bachelorette and doesn't really see a need to settle down or have a family, especially being her Niece's Godmother. Like her brother, she believes rules are meant to be broken and doesn't hesitate to, although whereas her brother is "That officer" to the Chief, she flies under the radar and also butters him up to avoid getting in as much trouble.

I have plenty in store for her, just gotta be patient as I get around to things, although as stated/shown above, she does appear in Vice 9

For now, happy belated birthday and thanks for taking a look!

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