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Happy Birthday, Toni!

Name- Tonya "Toni"

Story- Vice 9

Birthday- 2/5/92

Age- 22 then, 29 now

Height- 5'3

Job- Former College Student, Aspiring Rock star, Street Racer

Before I begin, should apologize, I've been on a tear writing since the 8th last month, wrote 9 chapters and 57 pages, plan on finishing at least one or two more before or at least on Monday, so I can be 10ch/60+pgs.

Anyway, back on track, here we got the first OC drawn by Pipin (who's also an Aquarius as his birthday's the 13th) featured in quite a few pieces:

That said, who is she, what's with the Saleen S281 and what's her role in the story?

For starter's, she a native of the Miami area, with overbearing parents and an annoying brat of a sister. She's always been rebellious, and also blunt and curt, not sugar coating shit and telling it as it is, although sometime she'll twist the knife just for the hell of it.

At the time, she and Sal were at most FWB, more friends with occasional benefits, mainly as she was more focused on perfecting her skills with the Guitar and because before, he was dating Emily, and afterwards, neither were interested, although what's a little fun?

Half Russian from her Dad, Mom was mostly Irish with some Japanese in the mix, technically Jewish although she doesn't practice, and is a bit of a free spirit who didn't bother with school and did what she had to do in order to get a passing grade, be it bribes or sex.

The Saleen wasn't her main car, it's actually Tails the foxbody seen below:

(Ch20, Double Date, Andy "borrowed" her car)

Although originally, she arrived at the used car lot to trade the generic Benz E-Class her parents got her as a graduation gift out of high school for a Terminator Cobra Convertible... that happened to drive off the lot as she pulled in.

Cue the water works, and the owner felt so terrible, he practically gave her $$$ on the trade in as well as a month of service.

From there, she was a maniac in black, using the skills she learned during those Miami nights to race everyone, catching the attention of the Sinopoli Brother's (Leon & Carm) as she challenged them in their '67 Mustang Fastback, losing but none the less impressing them, essentially becoming the younger sister they wanted, as they already have 4 sisters.

Again, as much as she's a skill racer, she's more interested in music, blowing off classes to form a band with her friends, hoping to eventually catch a break between original songs and covers, although every few months, the band's name changes. Genre wise, mostly Punk rock, along with some Hair Metal thrown in to spice it up.

As far as the Saleen, it was a solid car, but since Sal was the one who bought it, and he knew of the Sinopoli's reputation for turning Muscle Car's into Super Car Slayers that actually can handle, he bought a Aluminator for it, along with a Tremec that could handle Turbo's and of course, let the brother's work their magic, as well as replace the Solid Rear Axle with their in house Independent one, and some Baer Brakes, which aren't seen in the first pic due to oversight, although are blue to keep with the Sunset theme.

Tail's itself also has an Aluminator, although at this point, they're unsure if they want to add a Super or Turbo, so it's all motor for now, and of course, has similar mods to the Saleen, although it's the unofficial drift car of the crew to the Saleen's overall race car.

She makes an official appearance in Ch3, and from there is a core member, also the friendly rival to Lily from the Ninja's, the two becoming instant friends. Although she'll bust balls, she's also friend's with everyone in the crew, and can be charming when she wants to be. For now, Happy Birthday Toni, and have a great night!

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