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Remy the Rebel

This review has been a long time coming, even if it's on here instead of the Forums.

Here we have Remy, a 2019 Ram 1500 Rebel, Graphite Crystal Metallic, 5.7l Hemi V8, Crew Cab and all beastly and rugged.

As of now, I have over 30k miles on him, and had him since last January, so I've driven a lot with him and gotten to know him quite well, he's my buddy to be honest, and we've gone everywhere basically, especially all five boroughs.

As you'll learn, I love to mod, so I'll go over the mod list in a minute, throw in some pics, and then continue on with the overall review.

Even if you really can't see the color during the day, although it's not that big a loss, and obviously, you're not going to be driving around with Red, Blue or Purple DRL's unless you're begging for a ticket.

As you could also see, there's an AFE Magnum Force Stage 2 Cold Air Intake (CAI) that I've had since November

And while it's not pictured, Moe's Performance 87mm Throttle Body, along with an AFE MACH Force-Xp Catback Exhaust

All the mods work nicely, and while he's still on the stock tune, he does pull hard! Also, pictured above, is the Hellwig Rear Sway Bar and BWoody End Links painted in Hemi Silver with Clear coat.

He already handled greatly, just if you have a 5th Gen Ram, I definitely recommend upgrading the Rear Sway Bar and Endlinks right away, transforms the truck and makes it handle better.

Not mentioned are the Go Rhino RB10 Running Boards, American Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover, Ceramic Tint and for the hell of it, Diode Dynamics mirror lights, as well as Cargo and 3rd Brake LED's

Obviously though, you don't just want to read the spec list and see all the nice pictures, you want to know what I think and whatnot.

Off the bat, he's very capable and surprisingly comfortable. As I said earlier, drive him in the city with no real issues, although the first negative would be his height when you can't find street parking, as he's a bit too big more most garages (6'5, factory one inch lift).

Height aside, driving hims no issue, brakes are solid, and if you drive an SUV, you'll be right at home, although he handles quite well, especially with the upgrades.

Power wise, doesn't leave you wanting, even if my A4 and old Mustang were faster off the line, though whose racing, and with the mods, sounds real nice with a nice, deep bellow on cold starts.

I've owned 7 vehicles, test drove over 200 and overall, he's on my top 5 list, simply due to the overall package, how useful he is, how rugged he is and just overall beastliness, so Solid A.

As of now, I don't really have future plans for him as I've got a few other things I need to take care of, but eventually, I'd love to finish the exhaust (Shorties and Catted Y-pipe, for emissions and so my neighbors don't want to kill me), Rock Lights

Roll Bar with LED's

And maybe a Lift and Rims, though that's a long way out, though I'm also hoping to paint him as Gray wasn't my initial choice.

I'll explain why he's named Remy in the future, though for now, he didn't seem like a feminine vehicle, and that's essentially the first name that came to mind.

Anyway, hope you like the review, any questions or comments, feel free to ask. For now, enjoy!

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benjamin singleton
benjamin singleton
Apr 01, 2020

I’m in a Laramie even though I would have preferred a Tradesman so that I can build it from the ground up.


Mike Frassetti
Mike Frassetti
Apr 01, 2020

Thanks Ben, appreciate it Which trim do you have now?


benjamin singleton
benjamin singleton
Apr 01, 2020

Nicely written and as a 5th gen owner also I concur.

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