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The all in one entry

Because I want to switch the format up a bit, as there are several things to talk about all at once.

First of all, update on the car situation, no longer interested in the Bronco, instead my goal is a revised Project 32, and while I'll keep the details under wraps to peak your interests, hopefully I can write a review on it soon.

Also suffering a bit from Writers Block, so hoping this mega entry, watching various experts remark on the movie stunts and stuff, and aside from one of my friends, if anyone needs to find a car/cuv/suv, give me your criteria list and I'll go into research mode to find you THE perfect ride.

Why not my friend? Because despite me showing him a plethora of rides that fit his criteria, he's stuck on something that's... just alright, as in he'll just get it, drive it and that's that, but it won't have much tuning potential, and for the same price, he can get something better and put the price difference into modding it.

Still, he's too stubborn, doesn't wanna spend the extra $6 a tank on premium, and thinks 4bangers are weak despite the one car on the list being a WRX.

... I'd go on, and I see that the car he's looking at DOES have potential, but there goes the warranty, cost a lot of $$$$ between parts and then labor & you'll be right back to 93...

This week... besides sleeping in for Thanksgiving and going to a cafe to get back into my old habit of writing outside the house, getting my truck fixed (Exhaust Leak), driving stick again with my Audi (review this week, I got pics to upload) and while I don't expect to finish a chapter, I do want to outline the next saga of Sage, as I feel I need to get the overall basics down, feel this one will be good.

Now before I begin the birthday's, will mention that not all the Scorpion's are present and then because it's also my sign, there'll be LOTS of Sagittarians.

Now for the birthday's, starting with...

Name- Derek Reyes

Story- Vice 9

Birthday- 11/8/87

Age-26 then, 33 now

Height- 5'8

Job- Street Racer, Private Investigator

The Ghost of the crew, he's the type of person who can be standing in front of you and you wouldn't notice him, hence the blurred people in the background.

Born and raised in Miami, his family's best described as... apathetic, and prior to joining Vice 9 during his teenage years, he was part of a bad crowd and got caught breaking and entering, hacking, pickpocketing and other stuff, although that would serve him years later when he decided to become a PI.

Despite being aloof and quiet, the only person he opens up to completely is Zack, whose essentially Sal's rival, despite the two being on good terms, which the crew would tease them about, implying they were gay for each other when it's really the two being the brother's they wish they had.

Has a bit of an Anti-social streak

and doesn't really care how you feel about things, although at the end of the day, like Tony Montana, he doesn't break his word nor his balls.

As far as the RX7 there, there's quite a story with that. Whereas most of his family was apathetic and neglectful at best, he had an Uncle he looked up to, who unfortunately lived in North Florida, so he wasn't always around.

Died a few year ago, and had left him the RX7, although the engine had blown, so his original choice was a 2JZ, but fate had other plans and instead he got a pristine LS6 from a wrecked C5 Z06, a the owner kept it as a weekend/show car and while his joy riding teenager was careful, a Prius ran the light and t-boned it, although the engine wasn't damaged at all.

Now after building the bottom, it sports twin turbos and is more than a handful, although being part of the crew since those Miami days, he can handle it.

Unlike him, it's less quiet and more noticeable, despite the silver paint, with the custom inverted Koing Afterburner's, Viper style hood and of course, the LS6 itself, especially as it's cammed.

He's definitely an interesting character, you'll just have to read to find out more

Onto the second Birthday

Name- Vivian "Veve" Duvet

Story- Sage

Birthday- 10/31

Age- 17 Sage, 18 when reintroduced in the sequel

Height- 5'3

Job- Neophyte Warlock, Cook

On the opposite end of the Scorpio spectrum is Veve, whose essentially the girl next door with a few skeletons in her closet.

She's overall a nice girl, and friendly, the fact that she's a Warlock is surprising, and if she weren't wearing her robes or carrying a Mage Scythe, one would be hard pressed to know she was even a mage.

I say Robes as when we first meet her, she's not wearing the outfit above but instead this:

As the name suggests, she's Prench (French), and comes from a small village where the main attraction is her father's restaurant, where she spent a lot of time in, hence her incredible skills, able to turn a few simple ingredients into a masterpiece.

Unlike the core group, she's around briefly, although she makes an impact, and while the overall relationship is good, there's tension between her and Gia, for obvious reasons:

Yeah, the only real problem is she has a MAJOR crush on Leon (And of course, the final scene is a bit different compared to how it looks here).

If you think that scene's interesting, wait until you see her departure in the book itself, definitely raises the stakes, and unlike the first book, she'll become a core member towards the end of the middle (4 of 6), during which despite returning home, she's made significant progress in her training, to the point where instead of struggling for control of her summons, she can summon multiple demons if needed.

(Side note, in this world, Necromancers and Warlocks are essentially two sides of the same coin, and it's not uncommon for those practicing to learn both, although usually after mastering one)

There's more to say about her, but unlike Vice 9, Sage is out now, so go take a look! (

Happy belated birthday, Veve, and now, if you thought this was over, there's actually one more character to introduce

Name- James Audoken

Story- Sage Origins

Birthday- 11/10

Age- 42

Height- 6'6

Job- Paladin, Grand General of the Royal Army, Lord of Audok, 2nd in line to the Crown

What, you didn't know there'd be an origins story as well? Well there is, and unlike the main one, we got a lovely cast of misfits:

Leading them is General James Audoken, the younger brother to King Jonathan the 4th and Grand General of the Royal Army, as well as the head of the Royal Paladins.

Despite being royalty, he doesn't care for the asinine games and politics and will get right to the point with things, consequences be damned, although there are times when he will practice discretion, only if civilians might be involved.

He show's no mercy to his enemies, no matter how little a threat they might be, does not relent, will not slow down and as with his ancestors in the past, craves a good battle and loves a challenge, which is why he took up the War Hammer instead of the tired and true Sword & Shield, the great sword, or an axe.

He is also a father to his men, and will go out of his way to protect them, risking life and limb if need be. Although very stern with the group, he does allow a bit of leniency, and will not let them down.

Although he might appear to be a Capricorn with his nature, he does show anger and will react, and despite being a hero of the land, he doesn't care for praise, being humble and dismissing and deflecting if anyone compliments him, especially those who had served, stating he's just doing his job.

With the threat of a Devil Overlord amassing great power, and said Devil using James' protege to deliver a message before killing him and eating his soul, our hero wastes no time in gathering those he deems worthy to assist him as he travels right to where the demonic army amasses.

Will the group be able to take down the Devil Lord by themselves, how will their journey go, who are the rest of the misfits, and how will James manage when dealing with such a colorful cast of characters? Find out when the stories finally released sometime in the future!

For now, Happy birthday General James and for all of you out there, have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!

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