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The double whammy!

I was originally going to write two different entries today, but instead decided to break this up, piece by piece, as today's another character's birthday as well!

To begin with, today I can legally buy my diabetes a drink, it's been 21 years since I was diagnosed.

Life with diabetes is quite interesting, had so many ups and downs with it, though at this point, it's a non-issue to me; I forget I even have it.

It isn't always easy, but I've had more than enough time to figure it out and so far, I've gone Keto, which has made a tremendous difference in my life as well.

My advice to any diabetics who stumble upon my blog is simple: Give up the carbs, period. Unless you're a diabetic cardio bunny or do Cross-fit/HIIT, no need for them, especially as there's a million alternatives to ease the transition from the what you're used to going under 50g to start with.

It's not even diabetics, keto just works wonders if you're trying to lose weight as well, though I'd rather talk about other things as well.

Finished chapter 8 of Rogues Gambit, been on a bit of a blitz lately, and now I feel it'll get interesting. Still have editing to do on the first and second saga, which is real brief, though when it's ready, I'll get it to market quickly.

Finally note before we wish the next OC a happy birthday is about the birthdays themselves. There's two worlds essentially, ours and theirs, and in terms of the stories, Rogues Gambit and Sage is their world, while MVPD, Vice 9 and their spinoffs are our world.

As Such, whenever it's someones birthday from our world, I'll mention how old they'd be today.

Now onto today's birthday:

Name- Lily Lior

Story- Vice 9

Birthday- 3/31/1992

Age: 28

Height- 5'7

Job- Radio DJ, Street Racer

As I mentioned in the Synopsis, Vice 9 takes place during the summer of '14, so by then, she was 22.

Originally from Chicago along with the rest of the South Side Ninja's, although none of them really came from there, she's Kelly's best friend since kindergarten, whose the baby sister of Johni Milli, leader of the Crew and her bf.

Lily used to be scene back in the day, and then became more Punk as she got older, although she still is hyperactive, loud, random and lively, and since she was Scene, still curses up a storm.

Music will always be her first and foremost love, although Johni, Kelly and her friends are close enough, and although she's got no musical talent when it comes to playing instruments or singing, she offsets it with killer mixed tapes and always going to concerts and events whenever she can, (then) hoping to become a Radio DJ so she could get paid to do what she loves.

With that said, it's not surprising that she wasn't initially into cars, though if you hang around the Milli's long enough, you can't help but get into them and of course, going with their family theme, she has a unique car, a '93 MR2, which was originally a NA model which then received a V6 from another Toyota and the Turbo's E153 5spd.

If you want to see more of her, as well as the other girls in the Ninja's, take a look at the link below:

Also, as you can surmise, her favorite colors red, although ironically enough, she's not the hothead of the crew

Anyway, that's enough for now, thanks for taking a look and happy birthday Lily!

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