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Time for some feedback

So I've been posting for about 7 months basically, give or take, and aside from Remy's Review, haven't really gotten feedback on anything.

I'm curious what you all think, as I'd like to improve on the experience here

Figure showing some initial sketches here would make the experience interesting, would really love to hear back from the visitors and fans and of course, anyone who's read either the comic or the story.

Sketches here of course are scenes or covers that weren't finished or utilized, just to give you a teaser of things.

Obviously it's picture heavy and you might not recognize the characters, but that's okay; that just leaves you wanting to find out more.

Also, on a side note, we're in Mercury Retrograde, at least until Election Eve (Nov. 2nd), so be careful out there.

I though I had a belated entry tonight, but turns out the two OC's are coming up, and the one who I would have missed I haven't really fleshed out... well actually, I did just remember who I missed, so without further ado...

Name- Hannah Leboeuf

Story- Sage

Birthday- 10/6

Age: Physically 24, Actually 49

Height- 5'0 without heels

Job- Free Spirit

So in case the age and color of the animals don't tip you off, and if you forgot the synopsis of Sage (, Hannah here is a Vampire, although like the title of the White Zombie song, she's more Human than Human.

In her own words, "Because, what is a vampire really? We're merely humans, elves, or any other race that gained a twisted form of immorality in exchange for never seeing the light of day again and a never-ending thirst for blood. I don't know if my dark gift is to retain my humanity or if there's more in store. I assume it's the former since I sometimes forget I'm a vampire." (Ch9, Nightmare!)

Unlike most Vampires, she has a limited invulnerability to sunlight, depending on how much blood she drinks, and thus uses it to travel without hindrance or detection, although she will eventually start to smoke and burn once it wears out, having a little backpack which she hides in secure locations in case she needs to sleep during the day, transforming into a little bat (It's much smaller than in the picture)

You'll later find out that she can also turn into mist and wolf easily, the latter she uses to tease Gia with as she's afraid of them, and while it's not obvious, she is a flirty woman who speaks like a southern belle (Despite essentially being French)

Again, without seeing her animal forms, or me explaining it, you'd never tell she was a Vampire, and that's how she likes it. She's also an extremely competent mage, and thus balances out the group (In order, Death Knight, Assassin, Mage, Paladin).

Despite her magical prowess, if she can, she'd avoid going on the offense and would instead use her magic to calm opponents down, or to cause hallucinations. She also is a vegetarian, preferring to eat fruits and veggies when she isn't feeding, as they're essentially tasty snacks despite the lack of sustenance it provides.

I'd say more about her, but you can simply buy the book here (, and start reading about her from Ch7 onward, you'll definitely enjoy her.

For now, thanks for taking a look at the entry and have a great night now!

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