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'Tis the Season

Although unfortunately, not all can be published as a few OC's are crucial to Sage and I'd rather wait until I get more feedback, as well as publish the first saga of the second book, when I know that those who read it are aware of things.

That said, there are a few I can talk about, including my own, although I'd rather focus on the OC's that share it.

Besides that, I promised Don's review, and I've just been procrastinating about it, so before the weekend, I'll finally get around to it.

While we're at it, Christmas is around the corner

So how are you handling the gift process?

Already got 2 people taken care of, lots more to go... joy's of having a birthday in December, any $$$ you get from it get reinvested into gifts, which is actually quite hilarious in and of itself.

Also, I'd normally produce a screenshot of my XXXmas playlist, but my iTunes wiped out all the songs I uploaded from CD's, so while I don't have the full list now, I'll have all 12 Satirical songs of Christmas.

Life is good, can't really complain. Hopefully I'll throw y'all a curveball soon, but for now, enjoy!

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