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Been awhile, but I'm back

And just to be clear, as of this moment, don't expect to have a birthday entry, though I can be wrong, so don't hold it against me.

First of all, been a bit slower with my writing even though I managed to write 16 chapters in total between 4 different stories, and printed about 102 pages. Unfortunately, slowed down as work picked up, hitting a bit of a wane in the whole wax/wane period and most importantly, working through the Cubital Tunnel Syndrome in my left hand, which is the sister of Cripple Tunnel as it affects the nerves that connect the Pinky and Ring finger.. Fun times indeed, fortunately my PC's keyboard is elevated, so typing on here is easier

On an unrelated note, due have some random good news besides all the writing:

Takes about 6-8 weeks between build and ship, expect some delays, so I'll have it mid-august to early September the latest, I can't wait :D Immediate goals offhand would be to...

*Get Windows Tinted


*Get Pod lights for the Bumper, yellow LEDs, as fogs and wire them via AUX switches

*Either get new Rims or powdercoat the factory set Bronze.

I got other goals as well, but figure right off the bat, I'll do those. Side note, posted that on Bronco Nation, hence why my names crossed out, even though in general, you just look above.

Also, unlike most years, instead of the simple Car & Drivers or Characters with simple backgrounds, gonna really sex it up with either detailed pics that really convey a story as seen below:

Or Saga/Chapter covers that are worth 1000 words and can be interpreted in more than one way.

As I said, going to avoid the Birthday in this entry, since I could be here all night if that were the case. Going to pursue a few avenues on marketing and publishing soon; I know I said it last time, but then life happened, and hopefully, after a few financial setbacks, I can start a side project that I've been meaning to do that doesn't involve cars, artwork or investments.

For now, just good to be back, not making any promises, not going to post belated birthdays in any particular order, you'll get who you get when I get to them, and then we'll be done with the current batch of OC's. For now, just going to finish this entry and then go from here.

Thanks for taking a look and have a great night now!

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