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What influences my stories

So you've read the Synopsis of my stories (, but are probably wondering, "Mike, where did you get the inspiration and ideas for them all?"

Well, that's what this entries all about, plus a little bit about my writing style to boot.

To begin with, I write Graphic Novels and future anime's, as honestly, I don't read between my busy day job and everything else going on in my life, plus my love for video games.

BUT, before you get the wrong idea, it's not solely video games either, but also anime, old cartoons, movies, comics, and a bit of music, all put into the pot and mixed in with my overactive imagination to create my the wonderful dishes I provide the hungry consumers.

Now, while it's obvious, not all ideas stem from the same source, though fortunately, I'm a bit diverse with things.

For Video games, years of playing:

  • Final Fantasy 1/4/6-11/14

  • WoW (Dalaran/Trollbane, Horde)

  • CoH/V (miss that game)

  • Dragon Age (1/2/Inqusition)

  • NFS (UG/2/MW/Carbon/Undercover)

  • GTA (1/3/VC/SA/LCS/VCS/4/5)

  • Sonic (Where to begin...)

And countless other's games (Basically had every console growing up) are part of where I gain my ideas, and then of course, the countless movies and shows I've watched, plus the few books I have read outside of school.

As for characters themselves, that's different, the ideas were either taking imaginary friends and converting them into OC's (Ashley), or original ideas I've had since I started story building during my school years and toning it so they wouldn't be so OP.

Leon from Sage is a prime example:

The vest and scythe were from another OC I had, though unlike him, I made him a bit more balanced and gave a bit more detail to that would make him more believable and relatable, although on a side note, he was supposed to have Shaggy hair, but I couldnt think of it when I started writing, which is why he has slicked back hair.

Gia, as shown, was basically as intended, the only difference was where they met and who stopped the initial fight (Ch2: Saved by the Assassin).

Now of course, things don't always go as planned, and fortunately, you can rectify them either later on or with another story, such as in Rogues Gambit:

Alex, as shown, takes the original idea for Leon of being a lone wanderer who has temporary allies along his journey but is winds up alone once everything's said and done.

What he does share with Leon is the classic trope of "Dark isn't Evil", as both are essentially dark classes; Death Knight and Necromancer, though both are pretty heroic, and unlike Leon, Alex doesn't necessarily rely on magic as much.

Alex was also based on the old OC, the aspect being a vagabond biker, and as you can pick up, while I didn't watch it, there's a pinch of "Sons of Anarchy" with the appearance, though he loves his bike and will talk about it.

Vice 9 here actually was originally my take on street racing, though as the name hinted at, it was based in Vice City rather than Colorado, and I actually had the 1st chapter of the original story done.

Of course, I felt it wouldn't worked as I wrote it and while some elements remained (Sal being an Audi guy, Toni and her Mustang, etc.), a lot was changed over the years as I learned more about cars, learned to drive stick and just thought over how it could all work.

Characters still seem like they'd belong in a Quentin Tarantino film, and the pacing feels similar, but of course, when they race, they race, and unlike F&F, this is a car story, not a Cop movie with Cars (only Tokyo drift in my opinion was a car movie).

Also felt that NY would be unrealistic considering the traffic, not too familiar with Miami, not to mention it's been done countless times and in Cali, they'll crush your car if you're caught street racing, so at the time ('14), I felt that Colorado would be the next up and coming place, and boy was I right, thought not for the reasons as in the story.

As for Sal himself, he evolved overtime and the first model for his appearance was created thanks to Soul Caliber 4. He was originally an Italian-Centric rival for some street racing idea I had where I myself was an OC, but that was quickly dropped, and while he's definitely still Italian, he's not centric about it and is an Audi guy, though he drives a S4 instead of a TT

(Though it will show up MUCH later on, also on Volk RE30's)

Finally, there's music, as I mentioned here: While not every chapter is based off a song, you listen to various songs in your day to day life and along with everything else, helps you formulate ideas.

So yeah, think I about covered everything. There's more stories I have yet really wrapped up or gotten to, plenty of OC's who need to still be drawn into life, and while I completed the first chapter of Sage's sequels second saga, I barely scratched the surface with everything.

(Sneak peak of what's to come, and obviously, censoring a few things there)

With your help though, hopefully I can make my dreams a reality, and we can kick things into high gear, so instead of the stories just being books or comics, it'll be Graphic Novel's and Anime's.

Also, feel free to ask me anything, I'd love to get feedback and questions, and also suggestions.

Thanks for taking a look and have a great day now!

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