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Sage, Chapter 9: Nightmare

Ever hear a song and form the basis of an idea around that?, Sundown by Fireball Ministry, basically about how when the sun goes down, everyone's locked up in their homes as the demons come out to prey.

Of course, things are different, as instead of Demon's coming out during sundown, it's an incoming storm that summons them, and at first, it starts small, with Lord Nick from Ch3 appearing (!!!Spoiler Alert!!!)

Whereas Leon and Gia here had trouble with him, Cyrus being the demon slaying Paladin he is, reveled at the chance and took full advantage of his training to easily dispatch him:

That was just the start, it gets more interesting from there, and of course, the merry band of misfits grows with the addition of Veve the Warlock:

A young Neophyte who changes up the dynamic of the group from that chapter on.

As you can see from the artwork above, Leon gets overwhelmed by a familiar presence, the source of which will be revealed later on.

Overall, it's a solid and fun chapter, real dynamic and explains a bit of the elements in the World of Sage.

Also, while it's being processed, I'm in the middle of having Sage be free for the week, until the 29th. I apologize if it isn't or by the time you read this, the promotions over, but Amazon can be a bit of a pain to figure out.

Regardless, I'd appreciate if you leave a review and some feedback, so for the remainder of the series, I can improve on things, plus I'd a love to hear what you think.

Thanks for taking a look and have a great day now!

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