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Guess who's back?

That's right, me!

I hardly ever post a selfie, so if you wanna know who I am, now ya do!

It's good to be back, though I do miss Dallas, it's a hell of a city, and very easy to drive around, no crazy maniacs or slow bastards like there are here

(No idea why it's coming out upside down, Rolex Building)

(View from the Hotel)

Very Clean, people drive fast, great food (except for one place, Snooze AM Eatery, it was alright except my Mom stated her harsh browns were too salty and the Sausage was sour, like it's expired)

If I have to recommend a few places...

HG SPLY Co. (2008 Greenville Ave, Keto friendly with the bowls)

Dream Cafe (2800 Routh St, great breakfast)

Nick and Sam's Steakhouse (VERY expensive though, but well worth it, forget which street that one was on, V)

Pecan Lodge (Outdoor dining so far, amazing BBQ, Downtown Dallas, which is more Urban, more on that in a min, 2702 Main St)

While it's not Dallas, you have to experience the Food at Legacy Hall in Plano, definitely worth it, it's like Gotham West Markets (11th & 45th Manhattan), but with way better food!

Also, while it's a bit of a chain, definitely Creamistry is worth checking out as well

(Cashew Milk Milk Coffee Ice Cream, no Soy)

They Make the Ice Cream from Scratch, which is impressive to me!

As I alluded to before, there's Uptown, which is more upscale, and Downtown, which is still nice, but also more Urban. The area itself reminded me of Asbury Park, in the sense it felt Youthful and lively!

Now Sadly, I didn't get to do everything there, such as the Ross Perot Museum of Nature and Science above or the JFK Museum below

(Some pics from Downtown below)

And there were tons of restaurants and sites I still needed to see, but half the time was spent puppy sitting and helping Mom out with making my sisters and her husbands apartment look nice, get them supplies they didn't know they needed, etc., so if anything, always next time.

(Good Coffee place, and of course, beautiful skyline)

It's worth mentioning that Dallas is a Transient city, I'd say a good 6-7 out of 10 people you meet aren't natives, at least from my experience, you'd have to go to Fort Worth to see locals, but it's still a wonderful place.

Surprisingly, it wasn't bad weather wise, it's more humid here in Dirty Jerzy than it is in Dallas, and as stated before, it's a lot cleaner there as well. I hear in the summer, it's brutal, but more dry heat, and once you're in the shade, it's fine.

Also lots of money there, most billionaires in Texas live there, and it shows, seen at least one car a day that cost at least $100k minimum!

I was going to include a belated birthday in this entry as well, but instead I'll save it for it's own, and instead show some artwork my brother in law made:

Also, below is the Hospital he works at, good to have a Dr in the family!

Anyway, that's it for now, I definitely have to go back, though I know from experience where to go next time.

Thanks for taking a look, and enjoy!

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