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Updates, updates, updates!

It's been far too long, and I got a lot to go over, so without further ado, here we go!

First of all, we don't got this guy named Not Sure, this isn't 2505. Instead, I've been writing away like a madman, printed 137pgs this year so far, with 7 months to go. My goal besides getting my manuscript for Rogues Gambit completed and sent out to Literary Agents is to also finish the 3rd Sage of Rogues Gambit, Children of One (Co1).

I won't spoil anything, but I got 35 chapters completed and 15 more to go, I figure at the rate I'm going, Co1 should be completed by October/November the latest, so wish me luck!

Also, since last time, had quite a few mods added to my girl.

*Diode Dynamics:

SS1 Pro pods (Bumper, replacing the old ones)

SS3 Pro Pods (Mirrors)

Ford Performance Tune (30hp/60tq, Auto Rev Matching)

Tint (20% as you can see)

New Tires (K02's still)

Boomba Short Shifter/Weighted Shift Knob

There's more to install, I'll post more about it later, but as you can see, she's bright with the lights and she's got more speed. New tires give her the feeling she had in the very beginning with not feeling as Agile, but once I take her off-roading, it'll all be worth it. More on Ashley to come.

Last year, printed 256pgs, 2021 was 182, and 2020 was 169. At this rate, I should at least surpass '20/21, it remains to be seen about '22, although who knows. Got so many ideas and projects, just gotta take it one step at a time.

Also planning on traveling this fall, saving up. Any ideas or suggestions, let me know. I do wanna blog more, and I wanna talk about other things, like Games.

Also, don't forget why we got a 3 day weekend

Think about them and thank them as you enjoy the nice weather, the bbq and the day off tomorrow and short work week.

Any comments, or suggestions, feel free to share. Thanks for taking a look, and have a great day now

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