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Happy Birthday, Emily

Name- Emily Morson

Story- Vice 9

Birthday- 11/13/92

Age: 21 then/28 now

Height- 5'4

Job- Student, aspiring lawyer, pool shark, street racer

Sometimes, you can't outrun your past, and in Emily's case, the bad blood between her and Sal is coming back to haunt her.

Emily herself is a sweet girl, the sunny and polite kind of Scoprio in contrast to John Perry's Cocksure Cowboy Cop, and while she hasn't been in Georgia since she was 12, she can call upon an accent for fun.

Hailing from a family of blue blood lawyers, they originally moved to the Miami area and then citing a bit of a change, she moved first to Hendrick's and then to Jericho right out of high school, though she really moved as she feared retaliation due to the way her rebound tried to handle Sal after their breakup (that he wasn't initially aware of)

During the time away from her family, although she's always retained that edge she'd need to pull off cases and argue her points, she's softened up a bit, even going as far to get a Mustang (much to her families shock), using the skills they hammered into her to make her case, plus while she's not a car fanatic, the years around Sal and the gang had rubbed off on her, plus her new friends were driving tuners as well.

As you can see, it's a V6, as while it's modified, she would have kept the foglights, although the way it's modded, it can keep up with GTs, although as far as appearances go, it's a relatively mild build aesthetics wise in the county, and while it does have Underglow, she keeps it off more often than not.

Unlike most character's, she doesn't solely rely on the rule of cool to explain how her car's heavily modded, instead using her skills as a pool shark to hustle, and win tournaments and challenges, having to travel the state as Jericho and a few other places know better than to accept her challenges and while she has a bit of a reputation online due to her skills, there are people across the land who want to put her skills to the test.

Besides that, she's not afraid of working odd jobs here and there, and again, what rubbed off on her in her Miami highschool days gave her the initial edge once Street Racing became the norm, although she honed everything as well.

What happens when Vice 9 runs into the Speed Angels, how will things go when Sal and her finally meet again, is she the toughest of the Angels? Find out soon enough once the stories out there, and happy belated birthday, Emily!

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