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Happy Birthday, Johni!

Name- Jonathan "Johni" Milli

Story- Vice 9

Birthday- 7/27/88

Age: 25/26 then, 32 now

Height- 5'9

Job- Mechanic shop owner (South Side Garage), Crew Leader

In most stories, there's the rival to the protagonist, and some of the time, it's friendly, such as with Johni "Double Shot" Milli.

Whereas Sal is a arrogant bastard with no filter, Johni is a bit more Smooth and charming, though it doesn't mean he's PC at all. Also unlike Sal, he's been working on cars since he was old enough to handle a wrench and continued with the family legacy, branching out to Colorado as his (second) cousin essentially owns the city he resides in.

Double shot comes from both that he's South Korean and Irish, but also that he has a penchant for taking two shots before each race (which hardly affect him, as he's been drinking since he was a teen) as his lucky charm. He's also cool under pressure and as he grew up racing, can handle anything thrown his way, also figuring out shortcuts on the fly.

Car's a '99 WS6, which his dad bought new and used for drag racing both on and off the track. Eventually, Johni bought it off from him and restored everything to new himself, added the gold rims and fog lights you see to go with the black and gold motif and also did custom side exhausts, though the bodies otherwise stock.

Besides striving to be the best, he also lives by his father's motto of "Life's too short to be boring", and also prides himself on never owning an automatic. He also has a knack for finding the right people and despite being new to the area (They moved from Chicago back in January of '14), quickly gained ground and decided to form an alliance with Vice 9 in the Battle Royale of taking over the county.

That's it for now, other than the fact that he's the oldest of 6, and of course, Kelly's brother.

Now for a brief break before I begin tonight's last entry, which'll be published after midnight at this rate.

Thanks for taking a look and enjoy!

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