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Happy Birthday, Serena!

Name- Serena Andolini

Story- Rogues Gambit

Birthday- 10/19

Age: 20's (exact age kept secret)

Height- 5'4

Job- Head of the Andolini Family

The sole heir of the Vampire Clan in Tirbania (Albania), though her Father never wanted her to follow in his foot steps, Serena never the less quickly took reign and learned the ropes shortly after she's properly introduced.

Her Father was a loving man, though he was the picture definition of a workaholic and only married her mother after encouraged to date by his sisters (who are also Vampires). Before you ask, her Mother was mortal; an Elf, thus making Serena a triple hybrid (Vampire/Elf/Human).

Unfortunately, her mother died at child birth, and despite being a Dhampyr, she's NOT immune to sunlight, although it takes a little longer for her to cook and has a slight tolerance to sunsets, as seen below

Despite the setbacks, despite her dreams of being an Opera Star being dashed to due the circumstances explained in the story, she never really lost her charming, sparkling personality (though she did mourn for the loss of her Dad)

Before becoming the Godmother, she was nicknamed "Lady Melody" due to her love of Opera and always practicing, and being a Libra, she loves the finer things in life, although as seen above, she's also happy to experience new things, such as when Alex essentially shows her his world (Although she did get an outfit for the occasion and left her jewelry at home just to be safe, more concerned about accidentally losing it, since she still has some Vampiric strength)

Again, she has a charming personality, and can be quite mischievous as you'll see, playing well off of Alex, and knowing how to troll him a bit, as despite what's thrown her way, she's still essentially a young adult.

Overall, I'm positive you'll like her once you get to see her in the story, which should be out shortly next year. For now, enjoy the bit of backstory and have a great night!

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