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Happy Birthday, Prince Cyrus

Name- Cyrus Audoken

Story- Sage

Birthday- 7/27/88

Age: 18, turns 19 towards the end of Sage

Height- 5'6/6'

Job- Crown Prince, 2nd Lt. of the Royal Paladins

Though the 4th child of King William and the 3rd son, he doesn't let his position as Prince influence anything and instead prides himself on his hard work and prowess.

Whereas Leon is the Audience Surrogate in Sage, Cyrus tends to explain the world around them, being very knowledgeable and wise despite his young age, though that doesn't mean he's without faults.

Though he's a loyal friend and will protect the innocents, he also has a blood lust and enjoys combat, and like most Paladin's in the series, isn't soft or gentle, as these aren't your father's Paladin's from DnD or most other sources.

No, Paladin's are essentially one man killing machines, who are put through hell to scare the Demon's, Devil's and Maleficent they fight!

They're training includes solo raids and missions against hordes of Demons, sparring with each without holding back short of severing a limb or actually killing, spending hours in hot springs in their armor to get acclimated to the heat, sometimes using unexpected weapons against powerful foe's such as a dagger against Necromancer's and Golems or even going barehanded, etc..

In short, the training does have it's side effects which bleed over into the mental well being of some, Cyrus no exception, as seen in Ch23, Breaking the Cycle.

Of course, that also makes them incredible fearless and as shown above, ruthlessly effective in combat, as Cyrus easily slaughters the Demon that gave Leon and Gia trouble 6 chapter's earlier (Unlikely Savior's, Ch3)

Besides that, he's also the defacto leader of the bunch, with Leon as his Lancer (Foil).

Initially, I though he'd be an Expy of Vegeta

As both are crown princes and powerful, though the difference between the two is Cyrus doesn't get his ass handed to him and when he doesn't let his ego take over, is more humble and friendly.

Yeah, Cyrus can range from chill and a solid guy to getting condescending, arrogant and cocky, though he apologizes afterwards for how he reacts.

He's also a solid smith and tends to MacGyver, such as the time he deal with a Vampire Necromancer and it's Blood Golem with just his magic, skills and a lucky dagger, or dealt with a crazed orc using a dinner platter and the same dagger, without armor (Constant training in his armor allows him to move VERY fast when not wearing any, wonder where I got that idea from)

Besides all that, he always has a story to tell about his days in the Army, and of course, as with Leon, as a Hero Complex, though if he had to, isn't afraid to throw his own life away for the greater good.

As stated in the Synopsis, he's the Exiled Prince on account of surviving a regicide that took out most of his family, and of course wants revenge! That of course explains the change of hair and armor above, while the Circlet provides constant mana regeneration, which helps as he fires off lots of spells when fighting.

There's a lot more to say about him, but of course, you're better off taking a look at the story and reading about him yourself.

Again, Happy belated Birthday, Prince Cyrus, more entries to come

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