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It's been far too long!

Just because I haven't written an entry doesn't mean I haven't written, period. Why this year alone, I printed about 113 pages, and finished a short story as well

I'll provide the title once it's edited and published, although I'm positive it's worth the wait.

Of course, with the good comes the bad, and unfortunately, up until the last few nights, had a bout of writers block, although I wound up overcoming it, first by outlining a few chapters in two different stories, and then by finishing a chapter as well, so the current print count will change.

Old Saga, new Sagas (See below for one of them), and of course, some personal stuff that has nothing to do with writing as well

Now switch gears, lets talk about my girl here, Ashley, and what's been up!

First of all, I took her down to Jeep Beach this April

Which is 1,000 miles away (Took me a day and half to get there, left after work). As you can see, drove her window/doorless, and since my last entry, quite a few mods, like the foglights, the soft top, got the pods to work, and of course, the rest of the list:

KN Filter

Turbosmart BOV

Oracle Spare Tire Brake Light

Oracle Footwell Lights

UPR Oil Catch Can

Mabett Arm Rest Cover

Mabett Center Console Organizer Tray

And on it's way, a Boomba Racing Weighed Shift Knob.

She's been solid, knock on wood, no issues. Wouldn't trade her for anything in the worl, and now, it seems the Aftermarket's picking up, the parts I want are coming in!

It's actually 8 months with her today actually, time flies, still remember getting her that November day, and now here we are, 8 months later, with over 16,000 mile.

Also, since I got her FORscanned and had Sport Mode enabled, she became a whole new animal, woke right up! I'd say I'm surprised she didn't come like that from the Factory, but being a Badlands, they locked it up as they figured it wouldn't suit the trucks personality.

Also been offroading with her a lot, I have to find a way to upload the video of a more recent adventure, although I did save my buddies Jeep as we were mudding:

Good times, now I know though not to use Baja mode when I pull people out.

Don't mind this entry, It's been forever, so just rambling, plus it's 1:06am as of this sentence, so really just winging it as I'm tired.

Still, plan to return with more entries, more commentary (I got lots to share) and more updates on my stories. For now, just gonna wrap this up, and thank you for taking a look. Have a great day now!

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