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Off-roading and birthdays

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, just been on a writing binge and then with everything being off, so am I a little.

Yesterday I was gonna write, but got an offer to do something I haven't done in ages, go off-roading.

*Just saw that all I wrote didn't load, so let me fix it

So, instead of Social distancing this weekend like "We're supposed to", I instead joined some friends and went off-roading with my truck in Jackson

Despite how dirty he is, Engine's fine, hosed down the radiator and in just RWD, he handled stuff (like deep mud) others had problems with, so even though I got straps, I didn't need them. Should reiterate that the only suspension mod's are the Rear Sway Bar and Endlinks, which lend themselves to on road driving instead of off road, and yet, he took the trails like a champ.

That said, think for now I'm going to look at Wranglers once I sell my Audi, as much as I want to keep working on Remy, though as of now, nothings official, so we'll see what happens when the time comes. Also shout out to Team Dirt Bash and my friend Devin for inviting me out yesterday (Saturday) Since today was Easter Sunday, didn't have a chance to go again today, though doesn't mean I'll pass up the opportunity next time. Spent time with the family, which was nice, and so over this glorified flu, which isn't even as serious as they claim it is. Plan on blogging a bit more than I have been, and definitely with more than just birthday updates, though for now, here's the latest one, a bit late

Name- Ashley Enderson Story- Vice 9 Birthday- 4/10/1989 Age: Then: 25, Now: 31 Height- 5'6 Job- Freelance Journalist One of the first original characters I ever had, back when I was a kid (2nd actually, first one will be mentioned down the line), so basically a former imaginary friend Born and raised in North Cali, she was an only child raised by a single dad as her mom died at Child birth, though fortunately, she became fast friends with her dad's employers daughter, and though they're now separated due to location (her friends still in CA), they're still sisters essentially. As a child and teen, she was painfully shy and quiet, which was compounded by the fact that Cindy ("Sister") was the outspoken one who usually spoke for both of them, though as she went to college for journalism and was separated from Cindy, she was able to break out of her shell, though she's still a bit initially reserved. Truck was a graduation gift from her "Family", an AEV Brute Double Cab, aka aftermarket JK Gladiator. Powered by a supercharged 6.4 Hemi with an upgraded clutch, built to go anywhere and everywhere and since one of the places she freelances for does articles about offroading, there we go. Initially not part of the craze that swept through the county, she eventually learned to enjoy it as it involved trail racing among other things, so she's in her element. Also helps her she races her bf from time to time as well (First OC, I'll just post him later without mentioning his birthday). Just figured I'd finally get around to wishing my OC a belated happy birthday. Some random news is since it's raining as we speak, the caked mud on my truck's probably being washed off as we speak. Thanks as always for taking a look and have a great day!

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