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So good news!

Just figured I'd update you guys on something, as well as provide a few other things and a shout out!

So besides the fact that the Retrograde's coming to an end, looks like I found myself a Marketer, thanks to

Now, still hashing out the details, and have to come to a few agreements, but looks like my prayers are answered, as I'm not a marketer and considering how chaotic my day to day schedule is currently, I might as well do what I have to do and have the marketing taken care of.

Now, there's no Birthday entries today, though two or three will happen soon, though I have at least 9 Cancers, and of course, 6 Leos, though I want to write an entry on the 13th, as I'll have a lot to go over.

Progress is coming along greatly with Vice 9 Issue 1: Genesis, we're at pg10 and at this current rate, it'll be done by December. Though it won't include this by then:

Still gonna be a good issue, though as I've warned before, if you're easily offended, then you won't like the series and to be honest, you're not who it's for. As I've mentioned before, it's as if Tarantino wrote his own Street Racing Series after binge watching F&F, Initial D and other series.

On a totally unrelated note, the 2021 Bronco will be officially unveiled on the 13th, so I'll include it in that nights entry, along with my thoughts on it and everything else. If it's all good, I might even consider one myself.

Not much else to say, glad things are slowly reopening, though it baffles me that you can eat inside a Diner in Long Island, but if you go into the City, you can't. That said, definitely taking advantage of the situation, and hopefully soon, I'll also visit other areas, as I hear PA's all open.

That's really it for now, thanks for taking a look and have a great day now!

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