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The Longest Entry, pt1

Because this is definitely not the last one, though for now, it is.

To start with, Ford not only unveiled the Bronco last night, but you can reserve one as well! **

It's a $100 reserve deposit to get your foot in the door, and being the responsible adult I am, I made damn sure to do so, having to refresh a million times!

Now there are at least 7 Trim levels, and I don't take credit for the following:

Base = Base (Sport Wrangler)

Big Bend = Sport S

Black Diamond =Sport S with upgrades

Outer Banks = Sahara

Bad Lands = Rubicon

Wild Trak = Mojave

Launch Edition = overpriced JL

Of them all, I got myself a 2dr Black Diamond; figure the name reminded me of Gambling and when I saw the options:


Next-level outdoor adventure complete with washout interior.

 Rear locking differential

 Steel front and rear bumpers

 7 G.O.A.T. Modes™ (Goes Over Any Type of Terrain)

 Heavy-duty bash plates

Knew it was the one for me, especially when you see Navi is an optional upgrade, and then there's the Sasquatch Package:

*35-inch tires with 17-inch beadlock-capable wheels

*Front- and rear-locking differentials

*Trail Control™

*4.7 Final Drive Ratio with electronic-locking front and rear axle.

*High-clearance suspension and high-clearance fender flares.

Yeah, definitely the one I want to get, and to help you visualize it, the color I'm planning on:

Plan on getting the 2.3l Turbo 4 Cylinder as it's the only way to get a 7spd Manual, since I wanted a toy offroader, and this clearly does the job!

Now switching gears, it turns out I am going to sell the Audi on second thought, though I'll have it detailed and cleaned beforehand and also include it in the review on it here, mention it's story and of course include pictures.

Besides that, I had old Pokemon cards that I decided to sell, and so far, I'm surprised at what I've gotten, pleasantly surprised. Never realized how easy selling on eBay was, although since I'm new to it, won't get paid for 3 weeks, though I'm fine with that.

If you're interested in taking a look at what's available:

Now of course, to the birthday's, and there are 4, although one's a real person, one's The Lone Wanderer from Fallout 3 and two are my OC's, hence why it's the longest entry.

First one's my older sister, Stephanie. Won't reveal her age online, that wouldn't be nice, but it was yesterday on the 13th and I'm glad it was an awesome celebration!

As I mentioned, there's the Lone Wanderer was well, though I'm more just saying Happy Birthday to him!

Finally, my two OC's:

Name- Darryl Lee

Story- Vice 9

Birthday- 7/13/89

Age: 25, 31 today

Height- 6'

Job- Mechanic, Indie video game developer

I know it's normally "Ladies First", but considering there isn't too much art work I have of him, I figured I'd let him go first.

As with most of the Ninja's, he hails Chicago, although he's from the nicer parts and had a relatively easy upbringing. His parents worked on computers and software, so naturally despite working at Johni's garage as a day job, his real passion is designing and working on video games, sometimes forgetting to sleep.

As with all the Ninja's, he met Johni as a kid in School and they've been close ever since, though he's a bit unsure of himself at times and will sometimes act Ghetto in front of strangers to seem tougher and more interesting, though his friends will IMMEDIATELY call him out on it, laughing.

Unlike the other Ninja's mentioned so far, he actually loves Cars, and was playing Gran Turismo and Need for Speed way before he hit puberty. While it wasn't his first car, his parents got him the Camaro SS seen above as a present, which he named "Shaundi" after the character from Saints Row 2 (/3/4).

Manual, Custom vented hood, V8, OEM Z28 Rims and custom bumpers and panels that include lots of duct work for cooling, and while hard to see in the picture, twin turbo'd to boot, making 800whp while also driveable.

Should also be mentioned that he's Danny's best friend and the two are basically those two guys, only with unique personalities, with Darryl being the straightman who keeps Danny in line when the latter gets too silly and might do something too stupid.

Happy belated birthday, Darryl, now onto the Birthday girl!

Name- Mina, aka Zynja the Warrior Ninja

Story- Sage

Birthday- 7/13

Age: 26

Height- 5'5

Job- Army Anti-Mage, Adventurer

And now onto a minor character turned major in the sequel, Mina herself!

Now in battle, she's VERY Agile and nimble, able to dual wield using her main axe while drawing and discarding whatever the enemy drops, plus as an inverted high elf, she's immune to magic, thus sent into Mage strongholds to deal with them, although the drawback is she can't use or be affected by magic of any kind. Her moves on the battlefield have earned her the nickname, "Warrior Ninja", with a random squad member once calling her Zynja, which fell into place, the rest being history.

Outside of battle, she's a lovable klutz, the type who WILL knock down items on display, trip over herself, and stumble, plus is bound to get seasick (which makes the journey's they go on in the sequel that much more interesting)

If you saw her in civilian clothes and without her signature axe, you'd be hard pressed to know she was a soldier in the Army, as she's very friendly, bubbly and a bit flirty, owing to the Cancer trait of wanting what they can't have, which leads to some interesting interactions with Leon.

She only joined as her cousin, General Shelby, leads the Royal Paladin's and figured she had an in with the military, plus again, being a natural Anti-Mage made her very valuable against enemy forces, demons and other various evil.

I bring that up as in reality, she's really unsure about what she wants to do with her life and on more than one occasion thought about retiring and traveling the world to find herself.

Again, she appears in Chapter 16 and 17 of Sage, and then becomes a main character in the sequel, of which the first saga is completed and just needs to be edited before it's ready to be published.

Happy belated birthday Mina!

That's really it for now, few more birthday's coming, a review of Don and of course, more randomness.

Thanks for taking a look and have a great day!

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