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Welcome to Fall!

Even though technically, it's still summer, we ignore that fact as September ='s Fall.

Anyway, I'll get the fact that as mentioned before, there's no birthday's in this entry, though I'll preview the OC whose birthday WILL be coming up eventually:

Yeah, drawn ages ago, and an original original OC of mine that I had to bring to life somehow, hence his appearance in Vice 9 and Cameo at the end of V9: Girls Night. All I'll say for now is he's the only Virgo I have drawn (I don't have too many earth sign OC's, gotta rectify that, while there are LOTS of Libras) and while not THE oldest OC, definitely among the older one's, plus he's interesting.

Expect his entry in 12-13 days.

Now with that said, I mentioned earlier ( that I draw my inspiration from Video Games, but I feel I should further elaborate on it.

I prefer games with Create A Character (CaC), whether it's just aesthetic and you're going to be the same guy no matter what (Saints Row) or a bit more open ended, like RPG's where your choices have consequences (Think Fallout or Elder Scrolls).

Even MMO's where you're playing a Class the entire game (WoW, CoX, GW/2), or can switch it up (FFXI/XIV), you get to see how the character would react in a certain situation, like how does a Paladin fight vs a Death Knight.

Even if the game doesn't offer everything you're looking for, you still get a basis and can also draw from other inspirations to further develop things.

Music also plays a big role in things, more I hear a song and thing of how a scenario can be based around it, though you have to make it fit within the overall feel of the saga.

For example, wrapping up Sage's sequel's Second Saga (Say that 4x's fast xD) and listened to this song as I wrote it:

With that as the basis of the chapter, you already can tell where it's going.

For Rogues Gambit, we take Sabbath Bloody Sabbath during what's essentially a boss fight, and amp it up:

Of course, some songs can be used when you want to explore different moods:

So any aspiring author reading this, you might of already known about using music with your writing, but if you haven't thought of it, then your welcome.

I also find that when you're stuck in a rut, it's not a terrible thing, as you can formulate better ideas that you might not of thought about prior. How many times have I left a chapter sitting there for days/weeks/months and came back to it after having time to think about things and realize something that would close a loophole or throw a twist or even just defy expectation?

Don't beat yourself up over not finishing a chapter, you might need a break, so take it!

Speaking of which, going to Dallas this month, can't wait, I'm so excited! Haven't been to Dallas before and last time I was in Texas was 9 years ago, can't believe it's been so long, I loved it there and definitely need to go back!

Besides that, while I'm almost done with the 2nd Saga's rough draft (I'm a writer, not an editor, I'll have to find one later), still would be nice to get away and have a change of pace for a bit!

Don't worry, I'll have plenty of pictures to show you, and as I've wanted to do, I'll give a review on the area as well.

That's it for now, I got a few other minor announcements to make coming up, but I figure I'd leave you guessing and wanting more. For now, thanks for taking a look and have a great day!

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